Haverhill Police Catch Woman Impersonating Sister During Fentanyl Arrest

A Gove Street woman was caught in a major lie by Haverhill Police last week when officers caught her impersonating her sister during a traffic stop and subsequent drug arrest. Twenty-seven-year-old Chantell Walsh was stopped by police on Haverhill’s Lafayette Street Aug. 8 by detectives looking to execute a search warrant for both her and her boyfriend, Erison Maldonado of Lawrence. Behind the wheel of a Jeep Cherokee with expired registration at the time of the stop, Walsh was driving with a suspended license. During her interaction with Det.

Teen at Center of HHS Gun Incident Faces New Charges of Alleged Assault on a Police Officer

The 16-year-old arrested after bringing what officials say was a gun to summer school faces a slew of new charges in the wake of the July 29 incident, WHAV confirms exclusively. Arrested after a school security guard is said to have seen him with a gun, the juvenile has been arraigned on four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, Essex County District Attorney’s office spokeswoman Carrie Kimball said Thursday. The alleged weapon was not located after a Massachusetts State Police Special Emergency Response Team joined Haverhill Police to search near the campus and along Route 97 Wednesday. Police initially arrested the teen about a mile away from the school near the intersection of North Broadway and Broadway. This is the second time the teen appeared before a judge to be arraigned on charges stemming from the incident.

Haverhill Safety Committee Mandates 911 Calls During Threats, Recommends Security Steps

A school Safety Subcommittee is looking to beef up security at all Haverhill public schools, mandating staff first call 911 during an emergency, police officers stay at work during summer events and a security director be named. These recommendations, among others, came during a public session following a closed-door meeting Wednesday morning of the Haverhill School Committee’s safety group. Members met with Haverhill Police to discuss issues related to last week’s report of a teenager with a gun at Haverhill High School. Subcommittee Chairman Scott W. Wood Jr. said he and School Committee member Gail M. Sullivan agreed staff must be informed or reminded to call 911 before taking any other action during an emergency. Police officers at the schools, known as school resource officers, should work summers when classes are in session.

School Gun Aftermath: Haverhill Officials Discuss Security Issues Behind Closed Doors

Members of the Haverhill School Committee went behind closed doors this morning to meet with Haverhill Police to discuss issues related to last week’s report of a teenager with a gun at Haverhill High School. A week ago, Monday, a 16-year-old Haverhill High sophomore was arrested by Haverhill Police and charged with carrying a firearm without a license, trespassing, carrying a dangerous weapon on school grounds and possession of a class E drug. As WHAV previously reported, the juvenile was one of several hundred at the Monument Street building July 29 when a security guard is said to have glimpsed him with the gun and he ran, allegedly tossing the weapon outside of campus. He was taken into custody about a mile away near the intersection of North Broadway and Broadway. City councilors last night heard some details from Mayor James J. Fiorentini and school Superintendent Margaret Marotta.

Haverhill Council Leaves Student Gun Questions Unanswered; Officials Report Missteps

There was no emergency 911 call last week when a Haverhill High student was spotted allegedly with a gun, the item may not have been a gun at all and an initial lockdown of the school was quickly halted when police reported they had the teenager in custody. These were among very few questions answered Tuesday night as Haverhill city councilors reviewed circumstances surrounding the gun-related arrest of a 16-year-old summer school student. Other key questions were overlooked and new ones prompted as Mayor James J. Fiorentini and school Superintendent Margaret Marotta stood before councilors. “I believe in this situation the SRO (school resource officer) was contacted rather than 911 being called because things happened so quickly and simultaneously that the student was apprehended almost as quickly as things were happening in real time,” Marotta told members. The superintendent explained she first learned of the incident when she received a telephone call from Principal Glenn Burns.

Safety Plans, Audit on the Way as Local Leaders Take Action in Wake of HHS Gun Incident, Student Arrest

In the wake of July 29’s arrest of a Haverhill High sophomore for allegedly bringing a gun onto campus, Mayor James J. Fiorentini and local leaders are taking action, starting with Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. At that session, Fiorentini and Haverhill Public Schools Superintendent Margaret Marotta plan to outline existing school security measures and detail plans to hire an outside security firm to complete an audit of Haverhill High School. Plans for that audit were already underway prior to last Monday, when a 16-year-old allegedly brought a gun into a summer school session attended by hundreds of other students before being arrested off-campus. Fiorentini said a teacher and security guards spotted the teen with the weapon before he fled the Monument Street campus. He allegedly tossed it before he Haverhill Police caught up with him on Broadway.

Police Arrest Haverhill Woman Four Months After She Was Allegedly Caught with Cocaine

A View Street woman was arrested by Haverhill Police Thursday for driving with a suspended license four months after facing a judge on a cocaine possession charge. Thirty-one-year-old Krystal Duke was taken into custody on Blaisdell Street at 7:30 p.m. on the new charge, according to a Haverhill Police arrest log obtained by WHAV. Duke’s arrest comes four months after she was locked up following what Haverhill Police say were two consecutive drug deals on Haverhill’s River Street. In April, Narcotics Unit Det. Dana Burrill Jr. and his team were conducting surveillance when they came upon Haverhill’s Michael Brulport and Plaistow, N.H.’s Robert Gill meeting up with Duke in the Red Hen Market parking lot.

Haverhill Police Seize Fentanyl, Knife During Drug Arrests of Out-of-Town Duo

Haverhill Police seized suspected fentanyl, a crack pipe, a knife and other paraphernalia when arresting two men at the River Street Dunkin’ Donuts this week. Twenty-eight-year-old John Clarke of Ipswich, and 29-year-old Brian Dow of Amesbury, were taken into custody just after 6 p.m. July 29 after narcotics detectives working in uniform in unmarked cruisers saw Clarke park and enter the shop while Dow waited outside in the car. According to Det. Dana Burrill, Clarke appeared nervous when approached inside the coffee shop, making furtive eye movements “as if looking for an opening to run.” When searched by police, Clarke was found to be in possession of a knife and two bags of suspected fentanyl. Passenger Dow initially refused to give police his name—perhaps due to an outstanding drugged driving-related warrant—but later complied.