Haverhill Schools Adopt Indoor and Outdoor Recess Policy to Apply to all Buildings

Haverhill Public Schools has issued a “Weather Watch Guide” to make recess policies consistent from building to building. Committee Vice Chair Toni Sapienza-Donais asked the administration last week to clarify school policy regarding when recess is held out of doors and when students must stay inside. Superintendent Margaret Marotta acknowledged there has been confusion in the post-COVID-19 era. “We have, as a group, decided if there is rain falling, we will not be going out. If there is no rain falling, we will be going out unless there is either thunder and lightning in the distance or severe weather warnings.

Whittier Tech Invites Parents to Review Progress on Plans to Renovate or Replace School

Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School is making progress on renovating or replacing its nearly 50-year-old campus in Haverhill. The school recently retained JCJ Architecture.to prepare concepts for review. A committee of Superintendent Maureen Lynch and Whittier Tech School Committee members Richard Early Jr. and Brett Murphy interviewed architectural firms. Lynch, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, said parents and families will have a chance to weigh in next week. “Our building looks great because we’ve had tradesmen in the building to help us fix and renovate, but at this point we cannot do any more renovations in this building until we get a sprinkler system. So, we are maxed out.

Parent Volunteers Return to Haverhill Schools as Coronavirus Infections Subside

As it is in the country at large, cases of COVID-19 among Haverhill Public School students are down significantly this year. Director of Health and Nursing Services Katie Vozeolas told the School Committee last week that, as of Sept. 20, there have been a total of 103 students with the virus out of 8,000 students enrolled citywide. She said while the basic formula for avoiding the disease remains the same, frequent hand washing and sanitizing, fresh air, working HVAC systems and staying home when one is sick, guidelines provided by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education are much less stringent than one year ago. “From a DESE perspective, we no longer needed to contact trace, case count, do reporting of data to them.

Power Outage, Backup Generator Overheating Forces Haverhill High School to Close Early

Haverhill High School students were released early today after, administrators say, a fallen tree knocked out power and caused fire alarms to sound. There were no injuries and all students and staff were evacuated. Buses are running early. According to a school spokeswoman, the Haverhill Fire Department discovered a backup generator, which began operating as a result of the outage, overheated. It caused smoke to enter the building and the fire alarms to go off.

Attendance Suggests Haverhill Student Enrollment Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Student enrollment in Haverhill public schools is back to pre-pandemic levels. That according to School Superintendent Margaret Marotta, addressing the School Committee during Thursday’s meeting. She explained the figures are still preliminary. “We’re still in the stage where enrollment is fluctuating from day to day. Oct.

Whittier Tech Now Offering Marine Technology Program for Class of 2026 and Beyond

Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School formally launched this term its new Marine Technology program, making it the school’s 23rd career pathway and only the fourth program of its kind to exist in Massachusetts. Students in the class of 2026 are the first to be able to pursue Marine Technology. During an appearance this week on WHAV’s morning program, Superintendent Maureen Lynch said Whittier received state vocational program approval for Marine Technology. “We have some boats here in the building, and we have some Wave Runners. Our freshmen right now are going through the Exploratory Program.

Haverhill High Plans to Issue ‘Detentions’ to Students Who Walked Out in Peaceful Protest

Haverhill school officials described yesterday’s walkout of about 200 students in support of teachers as “peaceful, organized and respectful,” but plan to issue detentions to those who took part. Haverhill High School students, calling themselves “Students For Teachers,” left their classrooms at Haverhill High School Tuesday morning and walked out to the school track for a rally. In an earlier statement, organizers explained the students’ rationale. “Massachusetts law prevents teachers from employing some collective bargaining practices such as strikes, significantly reducing their power to self-advocate. Therefore, a group of Haverhill High School students have started a group called Students For Teachers to help our teachers in their fight for fair contracts,” they said.

Students for Teachers Plan Walk-Out Today in Support of Fair Contracts for Haverhill Teachers

A group of Haverhill High School students calling themselves “Students for Teachers” plan to walk-out of classes today to support teachers in their contract negotiations with the School Committee. A spokesperson for Students for Teachers, Cameron Benson, said the group formed last week after discussions were had about Haverhill teachers’ contract negotiation. The group decided to organize and plan a peaceful walk-out and rally at the high school’s track to bring attention to the fight for a fair contract, as teachers are restricted from collective bargaining practices like striking. Haverhill High School’s interim principal Kevin Soraghan told students and families in an email that students face disciplinary action. “Please know that building administrators believe that student support of teachers is commendable.