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On-Air, Online, Everywhere: More People Receive Their Local News From WHAV 

What is ‘Insider Priority Status?’ WHAV will forever weigh every potential news story, interview and coverage request on merit and level of importance to the community. In many cases, the extremely high volume of interview and coverage requests, lower priority press releases and other promotional submissions come down to time, space and staff discretion. In these instances, WHAV staff will consider on a trial basis giving “Insider Priority Status” to members, paid subscribers and donors or underwriters who provide bona fide and newsworthy items. This difficult policy decision, which remains subject to further review and scrutiny, is designed to encourage vital public contributions to offset the enormous costs of serving as Greater Haverhill’s only public radio station and nonprofit local news service. If you are not already a financial contributor, consider help paying for news and entertainment.

Would it surprise you to know radio still reaches more than 90% of people in every age group, every week?

It’s a fact, and 97.9 WHAV’s target audience averages 92%. While other forms of media are cutting back, area residents turn to WHAV for local news, information, a unique music mix and entertainment they cannot find elsewhere.

‘Halo Effect’ of Public Radio Boosts Trust and Credibility

Add what has been called the “Halo Effect” of public radio, and listeners find business messages more credible and trustworthy than traditional media advertising.

What’s more, when you make a traditional media buy, chances are you are buying more territory than you need—and paying more than you should.

Expand Your Reach with Multimedia

  • Streaming Audio
  • Merrimack Valley Newsmakers Podcasts
  • Local News Pages
  • Wavelengths Daily eNewspaper
  • Cable Television

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