Leavitt Joins WHAV News as Editorial Intern

Meg Leavitt, a senior at Emerson College, recently began her editing internship at WHAV in Haverhill. Hailing from South Texas, Leavitt says she realized her passion for editing when taking extracurricular courses for her creative writing major. Her desire to learn more about editing and interest in news led her to WHAV. She adds it is important for residents to know what is happening in their area. “Local news, you of course need to know what’s going on around you just in the day-to-day.

Podcast: Carolyn’s Farm Kitchen Opens Haverhill Storefront Location

If you are looking to show off your creativity in the kitchen, you may be interested in using a “secret weapon” to make it easier. This Saturday and Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Carolyn’s Farm Kitchen hosts an open house at the new storefront location. Owner Carolyn Grieco was a guest this past Wednesday on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program, where she announced she will be opening a location at 800 Broadway in Haverhill. “A lot of my customers know me for baking at the market, as well as the products, but it is not a bakery. I used to own a bakery many years ago in Middleton.

CBS News Radio’s National and World Reports to Augment WHAV’s Complete Local News Coverage

WHAV’s original and comprehensive local news coverage will soon be complemented by CBS News Radio’s national and world news. 97.9 WHAV recently entered into an affiliation agreement with CBS News Radio, one of the nation’s original radio networks dating back to 1927 and still owned and operated by its parent company. WHAV plans to air CBS News Newsbriefs, special reports, breaking news and certain shortform features beginning Monday morning. WHAV President and CEO Tim Coco outlines the radio station’s goals. “Although a community station, WHAV has always punched above its weight with seasoned journalists and broadcasters, reaching the more than 200,000 people within its over-the-air footprint.

Podcast: More to Building Haverhill-Based Mason & Hamlin Pianos Than Meets the Ear

The next time you have a chance to hear someone play the piano, just remember that instrument had its beginnings years earlier in a factory that could put it all together, piece by piece. It comes as a surprise to many people that such a place exists in Haverhill—the Mason & Hamlin Piano Co. The company’s creative director, Nathan Mabanglo-Burgett, whose family owns the on Duncan Street business, was a recent guest on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program

“Yeah, we are kind of a hidden gem in Haverhill—not many people know that there is a piano factory located in Haverhill. We started in 1854 in Boston, Massachusetts, had a couple of different homes, but in 1980 we relocated to Haverhill, Massachusetts.”

When it comes to making a piano, he says many steps must be taken. “One part is woodworking.

Podcast: MacDougall-Tattan Signing Copies of Her Book ‘Biz’s Journey Home’ at Firefighting Museum

A blend of historic firefighting equipment and the love of horses, comes together this Saturday at the Haverhill Firefighting Museum. Local author Jean MacDougall-Tattan, a former member of the museum’s board of directors, will be reading aloud and signing copies of her new book “Biz’s Journey Home,” a story she says is for people who love horses and wonder what they are saying. MacDougall-Tattan was a recent guest on WHAV’s Win for Breakfast program, and says it took a time to find a publisher. “When the book was first written, and rejected so many times by publishers, it was all written from the horses’ perspective, to give people an understanding of how horses might think about us and the way we treat them. Back in those days, which was about 19 years ago, I couldn’t get any publishers who wanted talking horses in a book,” she explains.

Podcast: Groveland Voters Go to the Polls Monday, Decide Which 2 of 6 Should be Selectmen

Groveland voters go to the polls Monday to choose two candidates from a field of six for Groveland’s Board of Selectmen. Edward H. Watson is seeking re-election to one of two available seats. Daniel MacDonald holds the other seat, but does not appear on the ballot. Challengers are, in ballot order, Steven F. Baker, Rebecca Megan Beaucher, William F. Dunn, Adam J. Haywood and William G. O’Neil. All but Dunn talked live during WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program and their interviews may be heard on the “Merrimack Valley Newsmakers” podcast.

Podcast: Riding with MeVa Regional Bus Regulars and Driver Larry Corcoran

(Additional photograph below.) The sky is still dark when Larry Corcoran, a bus driver for Merrimack Valley Transit, starts his route outbound from Haverhill at six a.m. For the few who ride this early in the morning, the transportation is essential. When MeVa leaders went before state lawmakers to request more money early this month, Chief Communications Officer Niorka Mendez said, for some of the people they serve, “This is the only way to get to food access, to get to medical care—even in the social aspect of visiting friends. On the bus, as a bus driver, I used to talk to them, and maybe we are the only people they talk to during the whole day. They don’t have a family member to talk to or vent [to].”

Corcoran, the most senior MeVa driver, said his job requires multitasking. He has to be “an expert motor vehicle operator, and also a personality.

Podcast: Haverhill Native Brian McGravey Releases New Album, ‘Feather in the Wind’

When it comes to making an impact in the world of music, it often takes a lot of time to become an “overnight” success, and success knows no zip code. But, when you love to play, you play! That’s Haverhill native Brian McGravey with the title track from his new album “Feather in the Wind.” McGravey was a recent guest on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program. McGravey has been playing in bands and composing music for the past 20 years—some of his work is in the form of production music that can be heard on dozens of TV channels including HBO, Nickelodeon and the History Channel. “It’s really kind of a dream come true, and it’s usually not that I go and listen, or I just hear it randomly, ‘cause I usually don’t know ahead of time when it’s going to be used, or where, but I use the website called TuneSat, and basically it will detect any music that’s used.