Podcast: Spurr Relates Story Behind Finally Donning Graduation Cap and Gown After 65-Year Wait

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School graduation season offers a time for reflection, planning and often some heartwarming stories, but it was considerably more for 82-year-old Jean Spurr of Groveland. Spurr was awarded an honorary diploma June 1 from Georgetown High School where she was a member of the class of 1959 at graduation ceremonies on Saturday morning. She recently told WHAV listeners the unusual and heartfelt experience of how she came to finally don cap and gown and participate in high school graduation. Spurr and her companion, Steven D. Sardella of Haverhill, were guests on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program. Earlier this year, Sardella had an idea about a special birthday gift for Spurr.

Podcast: Haverhill Church Group Leads Mission to Moldova, Bringing Supplies and Hope to Orphans

When it comes to reaching out with a helping hand, a Haverhill church is reaching out halfway across the world to help orphaned children. West Church is sending 15 people today on a mission trip to Moldova, a small country sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine. Leading the group is church Director of Outreach Mark Cottrell. Speaking recently on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program, he explains how the 767 Broadway church became involved. “For a number of years we’ve supported a ministry in Moldova, a gentleman named Oleg Reutki—he’s a pastor over there—and he runs a number of orphanages.

Podcast: Carolyn’s Farm Kitchen Opens Haverhill Storefront Location

If you are looking to show off your creativity in the kitchen, you may be interested in using a “secret weapon” to make it easier. This Saturday and Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Carolyn’s Farm Kitchen hosts an open house at the new storefront location. Owner Carolyn Grieco was a guest this past Wednesday on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program, where she announced she will be opening a location at 800 Broadway in Haverhill. “A lot of my customers know me for baking at the market, as well as the products, but it is not a bakery. I used to own a bakery many years ago in Middleton.

Podcast: More to Building Haverhill-Based Mason & Hamlin Pianos Than Meets the Ear

The next time you have a chance to hear someone play the piano, just remember that instrument had its beginnings years earlier in a factory that could put it all together, piece by piece. It comes as a surprise to many people that such a place exists in Haverhill—the Mason & Hamlin Piano Co. The company’s creative director, Nathan Mabanglo-Burgett, whose family owns the on Duncan Street business, was a recent guest on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program

“Yeah, we are kind of a hidden gem in Haverhill—not many people know that there is a piano factory located in Haverhill. We started in 1854 in Boston, Massachusetts, had a couple of different homes, but in 1980 we relocated to Haverhill, Massachusetts.”

When it comes to making a piano, he says many steps must be taken. “One part is woodworking.

Podcast: MacDougall-Tattan Signing Copies of Her Book ‘Biz’s Journey Home’ at Firefighting Museum

A blend of historic firefighting equipment and the love of horses, comes together this Saturday at the Haverhill Firefighting Museum. Local author Jean MacDougall-Tattan, a former member of the museum’s board of directors, will be reading aloud and signing copies of her new book “Biz’s Journey Home,” a story she says is for people who love horses and wonder what they are saying. MacDougall-Tattan was a recent guest on WHAV’s Win for Breakfast program, and says it took a time to find a publisher. “When the book was first written, and rejected so many times by publishers, it was all written from the horses’ perspective, to give people an understanding of how horses might think about us and the way we treat them. Back in those days, which was about 19 years ago, I couldn’t get any publishers who wanted talking horses in a book,” she explains.

Haverhill Honors Fallen Police Officers During Solemn Ceremony

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Haverhill this week honored former police officers and officers who have fallen in the line of duty during a ceremony at the police department’s memorial organized by the Haverhill Police Relief Association. Speakers included Haverhill Mayor Melinda E. Barrett and Haverhill Police Chief Robert P. Pistone, who described what could be the “day in the life” of an officer. “A police officer may issue a traffic citation to a good citizen, deliver a death message to parents of a child, testify in court, listen to a citizen complain that his stolen property has not been recovered, get into a life or death struggle—all in a single shift,” he said. Pistone said more than 120 police officers nationwide fell in the line of duty last year, and according to the website Officer Down Memorial Page, almost 60 officers have fallen in the line of duty this year. Northern Essex Community College President Lane A. Glenn offered his thanks, noting the college school is host to the Municipal Police Training Academy.

Podcast: Groveland’s Langley-Adams Library to Host Mystery Book Con Saturday

For those who love a good mystery, the Langley-Adams Library in Groveland is co-hosting a Mystery Book Con this Saturday. The library will be joined by Kensington Publishing, an independent, family-owned book publisher based in New York City that is celebrating its’ 50th anniversary. Langley Adams Senior Library Assistant Lauren Towler, a recent guest on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program, said Kensington Publishing features a number of mystery writers, but “They do other things as well. We’ve hosted their non-fiction authors and even some of the people coming here. One of the authors is a toxicologist; she teaches at Tufts.

Podcast: Haverhill Native Brian McGravey Releases New Album, ‘Feather in the Wind’

When it comes to making an impact in the world of music, it often takes a lot of time to become an “overnight” success, and success knows no zip code. But, when you love to play, you play! That’s Haverhill native Brian McGravey with the title track from his new album “Feather in the Wind.” McGravey was a recent guest on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” program. McGravey has been playing in bands and composing music for the past 20 years—some of his work is in the form of production music that can be heard on dozens of TV channels including HBO, Nickelodeon and the History Channel. “It’s really kind of a dream come true, and it’s usually not that I go and listen, or I just hear it randomly, ‘cause I usually don’t know ahead of time when it’s going to be used, or where, but I use the website called TuneSat, and basically it will detect any music that’s used.