Fiorentini Answers Public Questions in Call-In Live Program Tonight with Frank Novak

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini takes calls from the public tonight on any topic as WHAV joins forces with Frank Novak’s “Point of Reference” cable television program. Novak said topics are open ended and the public may ask, as examples, about police staffing, school issues, public works or the statue of Hannah Duston. The program airs live at 7, tonight, over 97.9 WHAV,, HC Media Channel 22 on Comcast, and HC Media’s Facebook page. Residents may call 978-372-8070 between 7 and 8 p.m. to talk directly with the mayor.

Podcast: Haverhill Native Barr, CEO of Graham Media Group, Becomes Broadcaster of the Year

A Haverhill native has been named Broadcasting and Cable’s 2020 Broadcaster of the Year. Emily Barr, president and CEO of Graham Media Group of Chicago, formally receives the prestigious award Oct. 1 during the Television Bureau of Advertising virtual Alt Forward Conference. Barr was a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program where she spoke of her Haverhill roots. “I did grow up in Haverhill and I went to Walnut Square Elementary and Whittier Elementary School.

WHAV Presents Special Programs Beginning Monday to Celebrate Radio’s ‘Century of Sound’

WHAV begins “Celebrating a Century of Sound,” commemorating 100 years of radio broadcasting as we know it, beginning on Monday. To commemorate the centennial of electronic media, which began at two of CBS News Radio’s key affiliates, WWJ in Detroit and KDKA in Pittsburgh, the network and The National Press Club joined forces to produce the 10-part series “Celebrating a Century of Sound.” Anchored by CBS News Correspondent Sam Litzinger, the series chronicles the history of radio from crystal sets to digital platforms, and from soap operas and symphonies to rock ‘n’ roll, all-news, talk, and sports radio. WHAV, whose call has been associated with Haverhill for almost three-quarters of radio’s history, begins airing segments each weekday at 8:15 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. An encore edition is heard weeknights during classic comedy and drama at 10 p.m.

“Radio is the one medium you can fall in love with—and hundreds of millions of us have done just that over the decades,” said Executive Producer Michael Freedman, president of the National Press Club and former general manager of CBS Radio Network. “At its best, it is an art form, painting pictures for the mind’s eye. It is a world of information and entertainment, a lifelong companion and a trusted friend.

Haverhill Chamber Names WHAV as August Business of the Month; Cites Local News Coverage

WHAV has been named the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce’s August Business of the Month

Chamber President and CEO Dougan Sherwood cited the public radio station and nonprofit news service’s expanded local news coverage during the coronavirus pandemic. “WHAV is really where I get most of my local media, local news coverage, and we’re just so grateful. So, we were happy to recognize you our August Business of the Month,” he said. Sherwood also recognized the significant fundraising challenges WHAV is facing during the COVID-19-induced recession. “I have some sense of how difficult it is to run a radio station, particularly one in this day and age.

Podcast: Boutwell Shares Philosophy in Advance of Tattersall Farm Nature Walk Sunday

A nature walk takes place this Sunday morning in Haverhill. Naturalist Roland “Boot” Boutwell is leading a group around Tattersall Farm, beginning at 9, at 542 Broadway. Boutwell, a retired teacher, leads classes and nature walks for a variety of organizations, including the Massachusetts Audubon Society and the Appalachian Mountain Club. He was a guest earlier this week on WHAV’s morning program

“I think it’s very important for us, at the best of times, to reconnect with nature. I think it just helps us to relax and unwind.

Podcast: U.S. Rep. Trahan Says Congress Must Do More to Help with School Reopening Costs

Congresswoman Lori Trahan is back in Washington this week on a mission to help with the reopening of schools this fall. Trahan was a guest yesterday on WHAV’s morning program. She says she believes federal lawmakers have to do more than what they have already done. She says it shouldn’t fall exclusively on cities and towns to foot the bill for reopening the schools with COVID-19 protocols in place—she feels the costs need to be shared across all levels of government to keep students safe

“A couple of months ago we passed the Heroes Act which provided $90 billion in funding to be distributed to states so that they can stabilize their K-12 schools and their colleges. In Massachusetts we would receive an additional $1.5 billion in funding, which is really what’s needed,” said Trahan.

Podcast: Regional Planning Commission Brings Communities Together for Common Good

Planning offices for the cities of Haverhill and Methuen and other communities throughout the Merrimack Valley are called upon to look into the future, and work out visions for growth, the environment and transportation. Communities receive support from the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, led by Executive Director Theresa Park. She was formally appointed in January, but had served on the Commission as Lawrence’s representative. Park said the Commission offers needed help for each of the 15 communities it serves, and the result is greater than if each were alone. “For example, what we have the ability to do is to gather together these groups of municipalities so they can share lessons learned, best practices, so they, one, don’t feel like they are on their own dealing with these challenges and, two, there are times when the sum of the parts is greater than the whole , so we’re able to almost like to facilitate, or streamline, the search for, and answers to, possible solutions to the problems that they’re having,” she explains.

Podcast: Haverhill Restaurants May Apply Beginning Today for Temporary Outdoor Dining Seating

When Haverhill restaurants first reopen, it will be with outdoor dining. In fact, today is the first day eateries can apply for outdoor space made available by the city. Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dougan Sherwood, appearing recently on WHAV’s morning program, explained the thought process behind outdoor dining following the COVID-19 pandemic. “What I have heard is that six feet of distance is going to continue to be the standard for distance between tables. But, the city right now and the Chamber have been working very closely with Mayor (James J.) Fiorentini, Council President (Melinda E.) Barrett and a number of others and also the restaurant community at large, to make sure that by June 8, which is the earliest it could happen, that we’re hitting the ground running.,” he says.