Students Put Haverhill Mayoral Candidates to the Test During Forum; Hear It Tonight at 7

City Councilor Melinda E. Barrett and retired Haverhill Police Officer Guy E. Cooper prepare for the forum. (WHAV News photograph.)

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Haverhill mayoral candidates—City Councilor Melinda E. Barrett and retired Haverhill Police Officer Guy E. Cooper—were put to the test last night by students during a forum at Haverhill High School.

Moderators David Martinez and Sean Wynn, students of instructor Shaun Ashworth’s Advanced Placement Government class, peppered the candidates with a variety of questions from housing to taxes. The one-hour forum will be heard in its entirety tonight at 7 p.m. over 97.9 WHAV and

During, what was called “a lightning round of this or that,” Barrett and Cooper chose their favorite local ice cream stands, pizza places, gyms, Haverhill park and favorite local news source.

“This might be the most difficult question—WHAV or Eagle-Tribune,” a moderator asked. “Now, you’re trying to get us in trouble,” Cooper quipped. Barrett responded, “I’ll go with WHAV,” and was quickly followed by Cooper’s “WHAV” and audience cheers.

Hear it for yourself. Again, the entire forum is heard tonight at 7 p.m., over 97.9 WHAV and

The final election is next Tuesday, Nov. 7.

(Names are listed in ballot order under each campaign)
Barrett, Melinda E.
Cooper, Guy E.
City Council-At Large
Sullivan, Thomas J.
LePage, Colin F.
Simmons, Fred A.
Michitson, John A.
Jordan, Timothy J.
City Council Ward 1
Basiliere, Ralph T.
Veras, Alexander Robert
City Council Ward 2
Sapienza-Donais, Toni
Hobbs Everett, Katrina E.J.
City Council Ward 3
Ferreira, Devan M.
City Council Ward 4
Quimby, Kenneth E.
Lewandowski, Melissa J.
City Council Ward 5
Toohey, Shaun P.
Morales, Michael
City Council Ward 6
McGonagle, Michael S.
Aguilo, Oliver
City Council Ward 7
Rogers, Catherine P.
School Committee-At Large*
Magliocchetti, Paul A.
Rosa, Richard J.
Ryan-Ciardiello, Maura L.
School Committee Ward 1
Diaz, Erica (write-in)
School Committee Ward 2
Sullivan, Gail M.
Sapienza-Donais, Toni
School Committee Ward 3
Dilonex, Liliana
Ferguson, Cheryl A.
School Committee Ward 4
Lalumiere, Mikaela D.
Simmons, Fred A.
School Committee Ward 5
Story, Jill Taylor
Hickey, Lynette
School Committee Ward 6
Pfeil, Chad
Collins, Yonnie
School Committee Ward 7
Grannemann, Thomas W.
Rogers, Hunter Price
* No election in 2023

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