L’Arche Boston North Set to Welcome Three Residents Into New Home This Spring

L’Arche Boston North is building a new accessible home. It is expected to be finished in early 2023. (Courtesy photograph.)

L’Arche Boston North expects to welcome three new residents this spring as it finishes its fifth home in Greater Haverhill.

As WHAV reported during August and November of last year, there was steady progress on the home for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, but it was buoyed by end of year donations and a $20,000 match from Haverhill Bank. L’Arche Boston North Executive Director Jennifer Matthews gave an timeline during a recent appearance on WHAV’s morning program.

“We purchased the home just about a year ago. It’s been under construction for the past several months and we are hoping it will be finished in early spring so that we can welcome some new members into the home—members who have some accessibility needs and are aging. It’s such a gift to be able to support them in L’Arche as they age in a home,” she says.

Matthews says residents living in the homes are referred to as “core members” and the new home will allow L’Arche Boston North to increase its core member population to 23.

“Which is huge for us. We have been Haverhill for 40 years. We are a small organization by any measure, but we live like a family. We live like a community. For us to welcome three new people in one year is a lot of growth for us,” she notes.

Besides the end of year appeal, L’Arche Boston North raises money during its annual Longest Table each August and with ongoing support from many other people and organizations.

“This house would not be possible if not for the support from the City of Haverhill and also from so many of our community partners who have just really helped us to continue our promise we made to our families to continue to care and support our folks as they age. So, it’s a real gift to be able to keep that promise that we made to families many years ago and continue to care for our members in different settings, settings that align with their needs,” she adds.

The public may also support L’Arche Boston North throughout the year by purchasing Home Made Hummus, produced by the L’Arche Boston North Culinary Collaborative. The Collaborative is a culinary training program turning out hummus twice a week. There’s more at larchebostonnorth.org.

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