24-Year-Old is First Candidate to Announce Run for Haverhill City Council

Nicholas J. Golden is the first candidate to say he will seek a seat on the Haverhill City Council. (Courtesy photograph.)

A 24-year-old Haverhill resident is the first to announce his candidacy for City Council this fall.

Nicholas J. Golden, 24, 14 Orchard Hill Road, works as communications director for Marblehead state Rep. Lori A. Ehrlich. He told WHAV he began following city politics closely after the School Committee narrowly defeated adding solar panels to Haverhill High School in 2016.

“The notion that we would let interpersonal relationships dictate our policy decision is disappointing to say the least,” Golden said. He added, “I think that renewable energy is critical, and being cost effective and saving taxpayer dollars is paramount among the concerns of elected officials,” he told WHAV.

Asked why he chose to run for City Council instead of School Committee, Golden said, “The School Committee is a deeply important body as the city embarks on the whole of improving education, but I’m running for the City Council because my specific background and skill set puts me in a better equipped position to work on issues, other than education, like economic development, transparency, public engagement, affordability and public safety.”

Because of his frequent appearances at City Council meetings since last summer, Golden had long been rumored to be a candidate. He had been active in the election of now state Rep. Andy X. Vargas to the City Council.

He said he expects to receive support from his father, New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden. “I love my father. He’s my idol. He’s been my mentor,” he said.

A lifelong city resident, Golden attended St. Joseph’s School of All Saints Parish in Haverhill, and Central Catholic High School, Lawrence. He graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University.