Homeschoolers Celebrate Haverhill Police on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Students from Homeschoolers Without Borders met with Haverhill police officers on Jan. 9. (Courtesy photograph)

Haverhill Police officers received treats from locals Wednesday to mark Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. (Courtesy photograph)

Some of Haverhill’s littlest residents paid a special trip to the Bailey Boulevard police station Wednesday to honor the city’s men and women in blue during Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Local homeschool group “Homeschoolers Without Borders”—made up of 125 families from the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire—dropped off handmade goodie bags as a gesture of thanks, organizer Samantha Bravoco tells WHAV.

The children visited with officers and received a tour of the station—even checking out a police cruiser—after delivering their treats. Included in the bags for officers were snacks like Starbursts to give them a “burst of energy” and Peppermint Patties so they “keep their cool.”

In addition to snacks from the homeschool group, the department also received a pizza lunch courtesy of Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce and La Pizza Di Forno.