City Council Approves Additional Traffic Signage on Franklin Street

Michelle and Adam Conceicao have tried for several months to have the city address traffic safety concerns along Franklin Street. (WHAV News file photograph.)

The City Council is taking steps to improve traffic safety along Franklin Street.

On Tuesday, the council unanimously passed a motion to add a sign at the intersection of Franklin and John Streets, reminding drivers they are forbidden from parking 20 feet or less from the street corner. The motion came about after Michelle and Adam Conceicao of 88 Franklin St. spoke to the council to discuss safety issues caused by an influx of cars parking on the street. Adam said he and Michelle have called the police in the past because of cars parking on both sides of their driveway, obstructing their view of oncoming traffic and preventing them from pulling out onto the street.

“I understand it’s a big renter’s area, but we do pay taxes, we decided to move into that area. It’s definitely something that is an issue for us,” Adam said.

The pair understand the additional cars are a result of new condos in the area, but said not only is the street narrow enough without the parked cars, but some cars have resorted to parking on the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to walk in the middle of the street. Michelle mentioned she has noticed only some cars ignoring the 20-foot rule near her home have been ticketed in the past.

Adam made the suggestion to add the sign to the street after asking the council to also consider making Franklin Street a one-way road. Councillor William J. Macek concurred with adding the sign, saying it would be an eye-opener for drivers. Macek also amended the motion to have the Traffic and Safety Committee review the entire length of Franklin Street for other safety concerns and solutions.