HHS Students Taking No-Phone Pledge to Encourage Thanksgiving Day Mindfulness

Hillie nation is getting ready to put their phones down for a mindful Thanksgiving. (File photograph)

Haverhill High’s Hillie nation is ready to make it a mindful Thanksgiving. As part of an initiative started by the Students Against Destructive Decisions club, several students have taken a pledge to be more present while spending the holiday out of class and at home with family.

At Thursday’s School Committee meeting, student representative Katherine Hubbard said the club is encouraging participation in what they call the “Text Less, Live More—Cold Turkey “ campaign.

“On Thanksgiving Day, it is ‘phone down and gratitude up.’” Hubbard said. “Starting at midnight on Nov. 22, our phones are out of sight and out of mind.”

To kick off an attitude of gratitude, the High School hosts a potluck dinner Tuesday, Nov. 20 for parents and students. On Thursday, Nov. 22, Haverhill High’s football Hillies take on the Lowell Red Raiders at Cawley Stadium in Lowell, with kickoff at 10 a.m. WHAV broadcasts all the action live starting at 9:30 a.m.