Bradford Designer Zoffoli Launches Campaign for +17+ Line in Husband’s Memory

Bradford's David Zoffoli launched his +17+ brand in an effort to raise awareness of school gun violence. (Courtesy photograph)

Bradford’s David Zoffoli launched his +17+ brand in an effort to raise awareness of school gun violence. (Courtesy photograph)

Bradford-based designer David Zoffoli is paying tribute to his late husband, Stephen Fales, by launching a new awareness campaign for the accessory and apparel brand they started together just prior to his death.

Called +17+, the line was launched earlier this year as a response to school gun violence. In an interview in September, Zoffoli told WHAV he was inspired to create the line’s first product, a clear drawstring bag, after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting in February that left 17 dead and 17 injured.

“+17+ is my direct response, what I can do locally, to affect something nationally and globally: School gun violence. As a teacher, I was really affected by Colombine and then Sandy Hook, with those innocent children, just made me very angry. Parkland, Florida, inspired me. The survivors made the number 17 part of a national conversation about gun violence.”

To pay tribute to Fales—who succumbed to cancer on Oct. 11 at age 62—Zoffoli asked family members and friends to make a donation to +17+’s crowd-funded IndieGogo campaign. Now, he’s making the campaign public to raise awareness for the brand and the cause so close to the couple’s heart.

“+17+ is a passion project for me and Steve. When he died suddenly, I said I want to launch the crowd-funding program in his memory. The response has been extraordinary,” Zoffoli said. “We had our first international order from Israel last week.”

In exchange for a donation made before Thanksgiving, patrons can receive one of several +17+ items at a deep discount. Zoffoli also created an option for donors to sponsor a classroom for $385, purchasing bags for 30. The option has also been purchased for teams and as holiday and business gifts, the designer said.

So far, the campaign has raised $6,520, with Zoffoli planning to share all after-tax proceeds with anti-gun violence charities. To donate, visit and search PLUS17PLUS.