Chunky’s Cinema & Pub to Close Haverhill Location

(File photograph)

Haverhill residents discovered the planned closing of a beloved dine-in movie theater last weekend. (File photograph.)

After 22 years of showcasing the movie industry’s best and brightest to the residents of Haverhill, a local dine-in movie theater will be closing its doors early next year.

The Chunky’s Cinema & Pub on 372 Lowell Ave. is shutting down on Jan. 6, 2019. The announcement was posted on the front door of the theater, explaining the situation to patrons and thanking them for their support. The announcement read “it is with sadness that we make this announcement. The size of this location and the costs of operating and maintaining the cinema make it no longer viable.”

According to management, gift cards, prepaid admissions and coupons will still be accepted at their Nashua, Manchester, and Pelham locations in New Hampshire—all of which will remain open—and at the Haverhill location until it officially closes.