Connecticut Officials: Newborn Found in Trash Not from Andover

(File photograph.)

(File photograph.)

Andover has been ruled out as a possible area where a newborn baby could have originated after the Stamford, Conn., Police Department discovered the infant’s remains in a recycling center last week.

Stamford Police told Andover the child’s body could not have come from the town because of the timing of trash deliveries to a recycling center in Connecticut, according to Andover Police Chief Patrick Keefe. Last week, the town, along with others in Connecticut and New York, was considered as a possible source.

On Oct. 16, a deceased newborn was discovered at City Carting and Recycling in Stamford, Conn., Police there said an employee of City Carting contacted the department just after 8:30 a.m. to alert them that the child’s body was discovered during the processing of materials. Police determined material was dropped off from companies that operate in several areas, including Andover.

“Investigators are attempting to determine the origin of the recyclables that were processed this morning,” an Andover Police statement said last week.