Officials Fête Methuen Police Lt. Korn on Retirement After 32 Years

Lt. Frank Korn, left, and Methuen Police Chief Joseph E. Solomon. (Courtesy photograph.)

The Methuen Police Department recently celebrated the retirement of Lt. Frank Korn after 32 years of service.

Korn retired July 31, and a ceremony took place last week at the police station to celebrate his retirement. He was presented with a plaque from Police Chief Joseph E. Solomon and a city citation from Mayor James Jajuga. Solomon called Korn “a caring individual who is willing to help you.”

“During Frank’s 32-plus years of service with the Methuen Police he had unbelievable work ethic the whole time. Never, ever did you see him sitting down on the job,” Solomon said. “One of Frank’s greatest assets is his ability teach and help younger officers develop. He taught me a lot of skills and helped me get through the academy shooting on the range,” the chief added.

Hired in 1986, Korn worked his way up the ranks and held positions within the Field Operations Bureau, Support Services Bureau, Training Unit and eventually Court Services Unit, where he served until his retirement.

He is a certified firearms and taser instructor with the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council and was a department sniper.

Jajuga wished Korn all the best in his retirement. “You are valuable. Please don’t ever sell yourself short. There is a life outside of this job. Enjoy it and congratulations on your retirement.”