On WHAV’s 71st Birthday, Local News is Up to You

Today is WHAV’s 71st birthday.

As the only Haverhill-based news source, 97.9 WHAV FM turns out more original local news, more often than all other sources combined. In fact, it is the only radio station between Lowell and the ocean to provide local news. It is a big responsibility—and vital to keeping government dealings open to public scrutiny.

In an age where there are fewer locally owned businesses to sponsor the news, those who study the industry have concluded much of the cost must now fall to listeners and readers.

It’s almost the end of the quarter. March 30 is an important deadline for nonprofit WHAV because foundations and big institutional donors want to know if people care about the news enough to chip in—even a little—to pay for it. Donors want to know if readers and listeners have any skin in the game, that they care enough about having an informed community.

Say Happy Birthday to WHAV by chipping in $10 a month to help pay for the news.

If you’re already a paying WHAV member, thank you for helping to make possible this longshot dream of returning local news and information to the community.