Georgetown Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordered to Suspend Sales

The Massachusetts Department of Health has ordered a medical marijuana dispensary with a cultivation facility and sales office in Georgetown to suspend all retail sales until further notice.

Healthy Pharms, which also sells in Cambridge, failed a lab test that indicated the presence of a pesticide in a sample batch of their product. The pesticide present in the sample is commonly used in food products, but marijuana dispensaries like Healthy Pharms are prohibited from using any pesticides on marijuana grown in their facilities.

All affected product has been quarantined while the state’s Department of Agricultural Resources looks into the incident. Healthy Pharms said no medical marijuana from the particular batch in question was sold to patients.

“We want to ensure that Healthy Pharms takes the appropriate corrective action to prevent this from happening in the future,” the health department’s chief toxicologist Marc Nascarella said.

Prior to opening in Georgetown, Healthy Pharms unsuccessfully explored options to open a dispensary location in Haverhill.