Haverhill Police: Space Saving Parking Spots With Bricks, Chairs a No-No

(File photograph.)

It may work in other cities in Massachusetts, but in Haverhill, no space saving of parking spots is allowed.

After a flurry of calls from residents late last week in the aftermath of Winter Storm Grayson, police were forced to issue a stern warning on social media.

“All residents should be advised that leaving objects in the roadway expecting to ‘reserve a parking space’ is not allowed. All objects found to be used in such a manner will be removed as a road hazard,” the department said.

Space saving items mentioned included trash barrels, bricks and chairs.

City DPW workers cleared additional snow from Haverhill’s downtown Sunday, three days after the area was blanketed with a foot of powder. The city’s overnight winter parking ban remains in effect. Residents who do not have off-street parking alternatives must park on the odd side of the street from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.