Methuen High Open As Social Media Threat Appears Aimed at Another State

Methuen Police Chief Joseph E. Solomon. (Courtesy photograph.)

Methuen Police Chief E. Joseph Solomon.

Methuen High School will open as scheduled Monday as police determined an allegedly threatening social media post originated “originated elsewhere and was not connected to Methuen High School in any way.”

The statement came from Mayor James P. Jajuga and Police Chief E. Joseph Solomon Sunday night after it was determined there is “no credible threat against Methuen High School.” At around 7:40 p.m., Sunday, police and school officials were made aware of the social media post being circulated among students. Some of the students notified their parents, who then called Methuen Police.

“We are extremely happy and proud that the students notified their parents of this post, who then immediately notified the Methuen Police,” Solomon said. “We always take situations like this very seriously and our detectives worked quickly to determine that the threat did not have anything to do with our schools.”

Methuen Police detectives and school resource officers made a full and thorough investigation and determined that the post was referring to a school in another state. That matter is being investigated by law enforcement agencies where the post originated from and Methuen Police are in communication with those agencies, the statement said.