Haverhill One Step Closer to Getting Bicycle Lanes; Vote Headed to Council

The city of Haverhill is one step closer to getting bicycle lanes implemented. At a Planning and Development committee meeting Monday, City Councilor William J. Macek convinced colleagues that bike lanes should be created citywide.

His recommendation will be added to the agenda at an upcoming City Council meeting for a larger vote and discussion.

As Planning and Development Chairman Macek tells WHAV, the lanes would include colored guide signage and route information. Pavement markings would also be made to direct cyclists.

Macek hopes that new lanes will make the city a destination for bikers.

“I’d like to see them go throughout the whole community on our major thoroughfares, for starters, all of our primary roads,” Macek said during a February discussion of the bike lanes. “I’d like us to be a model New England community—that we do things right and other communities will look to us to see how we did it.”