WHAV Member Benefits are Changing and Improving

WHAV’s latest policy changes are aimed at bolstering public support of Haverhill’s radio station. As an example of community service, 97.9 WHAV FM’s studios was one of the stops Saturday during a scavenger hunt to benefit Buttonwoods Museum. Here, Salvatore DeFranco takes the microphone during a trivia contest administered by WHAV disc jockey Dave Mack. (Allison Corneau photograph for WHAV News.)

As the only Haverhill-based news source and leading source of local news in Greater Haverhill, 97.9 WHAV FM has an obligation and responsibility to serve the public interest. It does that each day by providing more local news, more often, than all other sources combined.

Through FM radio, this website and social media, nonprofit WHAV reaches the largest local audience ever assembled—penetrating an estimated 92 percent of all households in its target area. To do the job properly and continue growing and improving to meet residents’ vital information needs, WHAV—like any business—requires sound financial footing.

Towards that end, only paying members now have the opportunity to comment on articles at WHAV.net, read archived stories and receive other benefits as they grow from time to time. If you support other media with subscriptions, advertising or other backing, WHAV deserves and expects the same level of respect. The radio station can no longer sit idly by as scarce local dollars flow to investor-owned and/or out-of-town media.

Remember, membership helps pay for WHAV’s reporting of the many exclusive and important stories that otherwise would remain untold. There are nominal cost and economical options on the Membership page.

Everyone agrees that an informed public means more civic-minded residents and better leaders, voters, customers, employees, volunteers, taxpayers, etc.

Revised Comment Policy

WHAV’s new web comments policy is not aimed at stifling dissent. Rather, it is a fair compromise aimed at rewarding paying members for their support of WHAV’s valuable platform and curtailing spam. It is also expected to result in the sharing of a greater variety of ideas, viewpoints and quality suggestions.

Members may continue to choose between using their real names or remaining anonymous. However, comments will be removed that engage in legally libelous or personal attacks (including those that are based on race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin or age); use profanities; harass other contributors; make promotional claims; violate copyrights; and are irrelevant to the topic, threatening and/or smear or misrepresent articles by WHAV or its journalists. WHAV welcomes specific criticism of its reporting via its inquiry form.

For those who oppose allowing anonymous comments, WHAV is permitting them for the time being to protect whistleblowers, people whose political opinions differ from their neighbors or employers, crime victims, those vulnerable to discrimination, residents who fear reprisals for political or organizational criticism or those whose beliefs or personal practices put them outside the norms of the community. This policy is subject to further review.

Each paying member has the opportunity to create a username name (screen name) separate from billing information.

If you became a member by using an alternate method (check by mail, for example) and would like a log-in, please explain the situation using the inquiry form. Similarly, if you had a free membership and are unable to cancel and create a new account or wish to change your displayed username, please explain using the inquiry form.

Local News Remains Available to All

Because WHAV recognizes its primary duty is to disseminate news—especially to those who can’t afford it—all fresh stories are available to everyone, every day with no limit on the number they can view. Help keep local news free with your membership or consider an especially generous contribution to WHAV’s Make Waves capital campaign. After two weeks, current news stories enter the archive and available to paying members only.