Methuen Police Department Receives AmeriCorps Grant to Fight Opioid Crisis

Methuen has another tool in its arsenal to fight the opioid crisis. Chief Joseph E. Solomon said his department has received an AmeriCorps grant from the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (PAARI) to hire a part-time recovery coach.

“This is an invaluable opportunity for us to have an additional resource to draw from as we work to fight the opioid epidemic on a local level by providing essential services to our residents,” Solomon said. “We’re acutely aware of the need for tightly focused attention on this issue, and we’re eager to bring someone on board who can provide concentrated, hands-on support for people who are working toward recovery.”

Methuen’s eventual new hire will bolster the department’s existing addiction and recovery efforts. Launched last month, the PAARI program places 25 AmeriCorps members in police departments across the state in an effort to increase police-based referrals and utilize treatment options that divert from the criminal justice system.

The city is recruiting candidates for the recovery coach position, with applications being accepted online through PAARI.

In October 2015, the Methuen Police Department hired two community engagement specialists, Jacquelyn Ingersoll and Jennifer Burns, to head up its Community Addiction Resource Engagement Services (CARES) program.