Council President Michitson Endorses Vargas for State Representative

Andy Vargas has another key Haverhill ally in his corner going into the Nov. 7 special election. City Council President John A. Michitson has formally endorsed the 24-year-old in his bid to replace Rep. Brian S. Dempsey.

“Councilor Vargas has been my closest ally on two key initiatives that I have been fighting for since 1990s — the innovation economy and performance-based budgeting,” longtime councilman Michitson said in a statement.

In his endorsement, Michitson praised the initiative of Vargas, who won a Brandeis University-sponsored pitch contest to develop a strategic planning and budgeting process for the city. “He invited me to join him in partnering with Brandeis, getting us closer to achieve a data-driven budget,” said Michitson.

Now, the pair is attempting to bring more startups to Haverhill through UMass Lowell’s new Innovation Hub at Harbor Place.

Community leader and Haverhill City Council candidate Tim Jordan also endorsed Vargas.

“Haverhill needs a strong advocate for public safety and education as our Representative for the 3rd Essex District,” said Jordan. “Andy demonstrated bold leadership with four other City Councilors by fighting for more police officers and reaching compromise on the municipal budget, while advocating for dropout prevention. Andy Vargas will work collaboratively with his fellow representatives, as he has done with his fellow Councilors, to best represent the City of Haverhill.”

Vargas won 13 out of 14 voting precincts and secured 1,749 votes against opponent Paul A. Magliocchetti’s 1,077 in the Oct. 10 primary. He faces Republican Shaun P. Toohey, a Haverhill School Committee member, during the final state representative election on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

8 thoughts on “Council President Michitson Endorses Vargas for State Representative

  1. john b.s michitson is a bag of wind. one 10 year plan after another. he knows that people at sleeping. they never ask / did you finish the last 10 10 year plans. he is in support of sanctuary city vargas. does he support the vargas sanctuary city 1 year plan.

    • So buster…How’s Toohey coming on the high school solar panels?

      Oh, yea, that’s right…never mind. He screwed the pooch on that one, and it took him a whole lot less than ten years to do it.

  2. I’ve watched John Michitson in city government for years. Have spoken to him countless times. Let me tell you, if we had more John Michitson’s in this city it would be a far, far better place to live.

    Andy could have received an endorsement from no finer, no more honest, no more thoughtful a person than John M.

    Go Andy!

  3. All of these “endorsements” are meaningless. How dumb does a person have to be to decide to vote for Acorn Andy because John Michitson is voting for him? But that’s how liberals operate…they play to the low information voter.

    I can’t imagine what it must feel like to sell your sole for the sake of acceptance into “the club”. Liberals announcing publicly they support Vargas while privately singing a different song is very entertaining to watch. I wonder if Andy, the obstructionist of the Federal gov’t arresting drug dealers in Haverhill, knows his liberal colleagues think he’s a joke? You do know that mayor failurentini was privately campaigning for Magliochetti, don’t you Andy? Andy, you know Dean Campbell has been staying away from Haverhill because of she wants nothing to do with you, right? Macek, Barrett, et. al. have been laughing at your campaign and the silly job you have from day one of your being elected to the city council. The crickets coming from Brian Dempsey regarding Andy are deafening.

    It will be an absolute disaster for Haverhill if Andy gets elected. Andy’s colleagues in Haverhill think he’s a joke…what do you think the pols on Beacon Hill think of him? Does anyone with any understanding of how politics works in the legislature actually think Andy, with literally no professional work experience, no political clout, no power of influence in any way whatsoever to the democrat party and with nothing to offer in return for favors will be able to bring back benefits to the city if elected? He’ll have to resort to the lie he’s been telling from day one, that he interned for Brian Dempsey and hope that has some meaning with liberals in the legislature…even though he never did.

    Shaun Toohey has a strong relationship with Gov. Baker. When it comes to getting benefits for Haverhill there is NOTHING more important than that relationship. If elected, Baker won’t even take Andy’s calls.

    • Jack is starting to ‘pull a little hard on one oar’…if you know what mean.

      If this foolish diatribe could be boiled down to 140 characters it would be worthy of being called a “Presidential Tweet”…empty, devoid of fact, angry, threatening, accusatory, opinionated and just plain…Stupid.

      Well, wait a second, let me take back the “Presidential Tweet” comment. Jack would have to rise to the level of “Special Stupid” to create a Oval Office worthy tweet.