Local and State Democrats Turn Out in Support of Andy Vargas

State Rep. Andy X. Vargas and Haverhill School Committee member Paul A. Magliocchetti. (WHAV News file photograph.)

City Councilor Andy Vargas and School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti during Democrats’ Unity Event Sunday in downtown Haverhill.

Andy Vargas, state representative candidate, and Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo.

Democrats—locally, regionally and statewide—put on a show of unity Sunday afternoon in support of the candidacy of City Councilor Andy Vargas for state representative.

Receiving a standing ovation was School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti, who fell short in his own bid for the seat during the party’s recent primary election. Haverhill Democratic City Committee Chairman William D. Cox Jr., who served as master of ceremonies, said he was elated by the response.

“The event exceeded our expectations,” said Cox. “There was an overflow crowd of almost 200 people. It well represents the great momentum Andy’s campaign has.”

Taking place at the Barking Dog Ale House, downtown, highlights included talks by Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, Mayor James J. Fiorentini, City Council President John A. Michitson and Essex County Sheriff Kevin F. Coppinger.

Coppinger told the crowd how Vargas approached him in 2016 while the future sheriff was still Lynn’s police chief. The two discussed how to address certain problems in Haverhill.

Besides Fiorentini, known candidates for Congress also made appearances. They included Daniel A. Koh, former chief of staff to Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh; Stephen Kerrigan, 2014 Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor; state Sen. Barbara A. L’Italien; and Lawrence state Rep. Juana B. Matias.

All Democratic members of the city’s legislative delegation also expressed their support, including state Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives and Reps. Linda Dean Campbell and Diana DiZoglio.

Also on hand were City Councilors Melinda E. Barrett, Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien and Thomas J. Sullivan, and School Committee President Gail M. Sullivan.

Vargas faces Republican Shaun P. Toohey, a Haverhill School Committee member, during the final state representative election Tuesday, Nov. 7.

8 thoughts on “Local and State Democrats Turn Out in Support of Andy Vargas

  1. andy vargas is the sanctuary state/city candidate. magliocchetti has no self respect. he called vagas unfit for public office for supporting sanctuary city status for Haverhill like lawrence. then he show’s up kissing his ring, shame on you paul. I noticed that you did not endorse vargas. choked up I guess.

  2. In the Eagle Tribune today there is a Letter to the Editor in which the writer compares Andy Vargas with Martin Luther King, Queen Victoria, John F. Kennedy and others who achieved at a young age. As if this hyperbole were not enough the writer attributes the “gift of wisdom” to Andy. I have lived a long life, encountered many people in many different places and have never met a wise person. Wisdom is a charism all its own and has rarely, if ever, been bestowed on anyone. Andy may very well be a successful young man who can go a long way. Over inflating his credentials does nothing to burnish his image. I wish him well and perhaps some day, wisdom.

    • “…Andy may very well be a successful young man….”

      Fred, can you define what makes Andy successful? Can you…or anyone for that matter…. name just one thing regarding public policy that impacts people’s lives that Andy has achieved?

      Memorizing liberal talking points doesn’t count.

  3. I had a great laugh over the weekend watching Tucker Carlson on FOX. All of a sudden there was an advertisement for Acorn Andy. Do all of the beautiful people who endorse and support Andy realize he’s spending their contributions on FOX NEWS….the sworn enemy of liberals?

    That was entertaining enough but then he had Haverhill locals endorsing his candidacy. When getting non-political endorsements, isn’t the key to get role models who are successful and have achieved something noteworthy in life? Not Andy…the first person he shows is a guy who has failed over and over in the private sector. It fits perfectly for Andy … to go after the the unaccomplished and low information voter with promises that if he gets elected Massachusetts government will be there to give them handouts.

    • Jack. Shawn Toohey couldn’t make a decision as a school committee member without calling his father in law to find out if it would hurt or help him politically. Is there a more politically beholden family in haverhill than the Ryan’s. Please.

  4. I wonder if Andy is aware the lengths is took The U.S. Attorney Generals Office to call Bob DeLeo an “unindicted co-conspirator” in regard to The MA Probation scandal? A scandal with had former Rep. Brian Demsey’s signature on, and claimed then State Senator, now lobbyist Stephen Baddour. It seems all the criminals, indicted or not, always land on their feet in MA politics. Nepotism in this state, in all things government knows no bounds.

    I also wonder if Andy knows what that DeLeo handshake cost him. In order to “serve” Haverhill should he prevail. Andy’s days on Beacon Hill will be spent watching “the board”, waiting for DeLeo’s vote, a vote Andy must reciprocate in kind if he’s to put Haverhill in his good graces.

    Of course there’s Koh, now running for The 3rd District Congressional seat in support of Andy. I wonder if Andy knows Marty Walsh and his his friends on Beacon Hill are responsible for making Boston the number one city in the country for income disparity? Massachusetts of course has always been a top-10 state for such, but don’t remind politicians of how they economically enslave the poor, their hubris will be offended. The state already lost a seat in Congress due to flight from the ridiculousness here, and were it not for immigration, we were on pace to lose another in 2020 according to Census figures – now you know why pols want unbridled immigration here, they need more victims to keep the economic & fiscal fraud going.

    Sen. Barbara A. L’Italien is also running for The 3rd District. Her arrogance is unrivaled. Just like her recent vote to increase her and her colleagues pay on Bacon Hill, it wasn’t her first time. Her cronyism fits right in, especially when she gave Chairs on Committees pay raises (including herself) back in the day. Her deeds didn’t go unpunished by her colleagues, after she was booted out of office for being a terrible hack, they gave this her a job at The MA Treasury.

    If this is a reflection of his “supporters”, I have to question the independence Andy thinks he may have if he wins. Or, maybe he won’t be independent, and just go along with the rest. If that’s the case, Haverhill Residents better like the steady diet of cake they continue to be served.