Toohey Opens State Rep. Campaign HQ; Wins Formal Backing by Baker

Shaun P. Toohey, candidate for state representative, with his supporters at his new 246 Essex St. headquarters. (Courtesy photograph.)

This past Saturday, School Committeeman Shaun P. Toohey, candidate for state representative, opened his campaign headquarters on Essex Street.

The opening was attended by state Rep. Leonard Mirra and other supporters who were buoyed by the impending official endorsement by Gov. Charlie Baker. As WHAV reported at the time, Baker gave informal support to Toohey’s bid during the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce annual dinner two weeks ago.

“I want everyone to know that we are in this race to win it,” Toohey said in a statement. “The special election is just a few weeks away, and I will use every opportunity between now and then to get our message out to more people across Haverhill. By opening this office, our campaign is increasing our ability to connect with more people and to tell them about the positive momentum we continue to generate heading into election day.”

The headquarters is located at 246 Essex St.

Toohey also defined the issues of the campaign.

“I believe our vision should be one focused on making sure we have safer streets, and that we’re doing everything we can to fight crime and battle the scourge of opioid abuse,” he said. “Our vision also should be one where we support quality education for our children, economic development and job creation for adults, and comfort for seniors in their older years. And, our vision for the future should be one that makes our state government more fiscally responsible and accountable to taxpayers.”

Meanwhile, Baker made his endorsement official.

“I'm proud to endorse Shaun Toohey because I know he will be a terrific advocate for Haverhill in the legislature,” the governor said in a statement. “With his experience as a small business owner and dedicated public servant, Shaun will be a strong partner in our efforts to deliver for Haverhill as we continue to increase local aid, hold the line on taxes and strengthen our schools.”

The special election to fill the seat formerly held by Rep. Brian S. Dempsey is Tuesday, Nov. 7.

17 thoughts on “Toohey Opens State Rep. Campaign HQ; Wins Formal Backing by Baker

  1. Shawn Ryan. Hold your nose and vote for this guy because a vote for Andy will put out a welcome mat for crime, slumlords and more drugs. Andy has zero respect for law enforcement and that’s the key to fixing this city. Yes, Toohey is goofy and an unfortunate extension of a failed political legacy, but he’s all we have, So close your eyes, hold your nose and pull the lever for Shawn Ryan. Andy winning = Haverhill losing.

    • “Toohey is goofy and an unfortunate extension of a failed political legacy”

      I’ve listened to and followed the SC for years and I have to disagree with what you said…not because its wrong (because you’re not)…. but because your thought is incomplete.

      You forgot lazy, ill-informed, partisan, natural born follower (mostly of Bill Ryan, your failed legacy, but too, of anyone with an ‘R’ in their title) and slippery & slimy.

      Under no circumstances does he belong on the Haverhill School Committee…let alone the State House. The school committee was where Toohey’s career reached its ‘Peter Principal’ (look it up). Regulating in the State House would put him 5 level above that.

      BTW, all the “crime, slumlords and more drugs” nonsense you spew about Vargas is all just for effect and is no different nor any better than the nonsense spewed The Fake President when he tells the country “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

      It’s all just meant to scare the low information voter (and make you feel better?)…and you only have to look to the Oval Office to see the horror those lies brought the country.

      • Jay, the Mayor of Boston released a study a couple of months ago which concluded 65% of all crime in that city is committed by invaders in the country illegally? I’m sure you follow the news in Haverhill….what do you think the percentage is here? You know about the young Latino girl who got dragged into the woods at Riverside Park and was raped by two illegal trespassers, don’t you? She was a millennial and Spanish, yet Andy hasn’t said a word about it…why do you think that is?

        If you know anything about politics you know that you can learn more about where politicians stand on issues by paying attention to what they don’t say, than what they do say. When Andy says nothing about his peers getting wiped out by the drugs brought into the country by illegal invaders that’s because he doesn’t want to confirm what our president says. The same goes for the gang shootings, SWAT shootings, crimes in high illegal neighborhoods, etc.

        To suggest that the comments made here by informed citizens about Andy’s public support for criminal invaders in the country/city is “nonsense” shows how totally uninformed you are.

        • So…what you’re saying is that the judgement of a man is not WHAT he says…but what he does NOT say. (Aristotle, Plato, Socrates…are all doing a head scratch, I suspect)

          That is just a breathtaking deflection; award winning really, I have to say…certainly worthy of some sort of citation or recognition.

          At a minimum, it is a wonderful example of the “Up is Down”, “Down is Up” insane logic of some of Americas populace. It’s perfect!…it leaves you room to justify anything, and I mean a n y t h I n g that you want to “justify” or “prove”. Perfectly Trumpian!

          I guess the old expression “The fish rots from the head first” is relevant here. As the rot in the White House filters down to the populace, the body politic rots with it.

          I’m now going to go, so I can spend some time ‘’researching’ things that Toohey DIDN’T say so I can prove to you he is unfit for office.

  2. Crime in Haverhill….like every other city in Massachusetts tied directly to illegal invaders in the city.
    Opioids in Haverhill…brought to the city by invaders and gangs from sanctuary city of Lawrence.
    Education costs ….through the roof because of a reported 1,100 children of parents in the country/city illegally.
    Economic Development….business owners refuse to locate in Haverhill because the city is so dangerous because of criminal trespassers.

    Shaun, the root cause of every major problem in Haverhill is the criminal trespassers from other countries who have taken over the city. Your opponent has proven he is their biggest supporter. If you don’t tie these issues to invaders, and ultimately Vargas, you have no right running for office as a Republican. Statistics and Andy’s public record and actions don’t lie. You can even point to Lawrence averaging one armed robbery per day, and Boston mayor Marty Walsh reporting that 65% of all crime in Boston is committed by invaders.

    Shaun, while you’re at it….ask Andy why there is no record of his family living in Haverhill in the 2010 US Census. Ask him how there is no record of his entire family living in the city. Ask Andy how it’s okay that his father who is a citizen of the Dominican Republic be allowed to stay in the US and take jobs away from Americans.

    • “Opioids in Haverhill…brought to the city by invaders and gangs ”

      Actually, Jack, opioids are a direct result of the criminality of our pharmaceutical companies who have found a huge profit center in flooding the countries streets with Oxy and the like. (Money, Money Money!!)

      President Moron just tried to put one of those criminals (Rep Tom Marin, R-Pa) in charge of the DEA as Drug Czar. Were it not for a diligent and hardworking press to uncover this sleaze move he might have been confirmed.

      Ok, you don’t like Vargas, got it!

      Intelligence, working hard, being well educated, being well spoken, being informed, being up to speed on issues aren’t your thing…got that too!

      You’d rather support a dullard like Toohey over someone who is probably not ‘American’ enough for you (read: brown). Fine, what ever.

      But to blame Vargas on the drug crisis is just beyond stupid and shows how shallow you really are.

      • Have you read The Valley Patriot editorial “Vargas Put Lives At Risk” regarding Andy’s decision to commit obstruction of justice and interfere with Federal drug enforcement officials in Haverhill?

        Read it and tell me again Andy isn’t supportive of criminal trespassers in this country illegally who are drug dealers. Andy isn’t even a good liar.

        • Jack I’ve read the “The Valley Patriot”. Its a right wing echo chamber…

          Why do you think they give it away for free?

          But on the up side, it’s good for lining the bottoms of countless bird cages and for training puppies.

          See, Jack, there is good in everything!

      • Jay…
        “Intelligence, working hard, being well educated, being well spoken, being informed, being up to speed on issues”….these are Andy’s qualifications? Your lack of listing even ONE life accomplishment or any real world experience is glaring. Not to mention where he specifically stands on public policy issues.

        But no worries, for those of us on here who pay attention we already know what and who Andy supports.

        • I checked to see what “life accomplishments” you listed for Toohey, but I don’t see any. Must have been an over-site on your part, hey Jack?

          Oh, BTW. Using your father-in-laws, decades in the making, lawn sign locations is not a accomplishment. (more of a eye sore, really) Thank God lawn signs don’t vote.

          Oh wait! I just thought of an accomplishment! He stopped the solar panels on the high school!

          Good job Shawn!

          He was able to crush an opponent along with help from his Sister-in-law and our High-school drop out Scott Wood (Oh, I’m sorry, our GED graduate Scott Wood).

          Wow! He was able to stop a political enemy from doing something good (Jealous much?) AND he cost the city of Haverhill money all in one feld swoop!

          I wonder, was this something his father-in-law told him to do, or do you think he thought of this all on his little lonesome. Maybe Sis and Scotty, helped…it certainly rises to their level of Stupid.

  3. Note to Toohey: If you want any chance at winning, make sure Lenny Mirra is your primary counsel.

    If you want an automatic loss, then follow The MA GOP narrative. Both Party’s are filled with ginormous hypocrites, but at least with Mirra, you get someone that actually had to work for a living, and not abuse his position to enrich himself (or personal business), or his friends. He also falls on the moderate liberty/freedom wing of The Republican Party, which again, is complete opposite of The MA Democratic Party who only want to maintain power, take more of the fruits of our labor, and to control our lives through blind zealotry ideology.

    • Why try to fix he who is hopelessly broken.

      Making Lenny Mirra Tooheys ‘primary counsel’ is like trying to repair a party balloon with white glue. It can’t be done…just get a new balloon.

      The Republican Party should spend its energy trying to figure out why it is such an embarrassment to itself and the country, and not so much time making up stuff about the Democrats.

      In the mean time, its easier, better, smarter to just vote for Vargas.

      Oh, and if you looking for someone who “take[s] more of the fruits of our labor, and to control our lives through blind zealotry ideology.” let me introduce you to the Religious Right…Republicans, all.

        • Duncan…pretty close to the Truth, what you say…

          Now, we add to the mix a party (R) that is fractured into dozens of incongruous pieces –

          Religious Right, Nazis, White Supremacists, Conservatives (using the term loosely ’cause they aint), Tea Partyers (tear the gov down!), NRA Gun Nuts, racists, survivalist, anti-abortionists, anti gay, anti-any-thing-they-arn’t – then, top it all off with a Mentally Ill Fake President and a Congress that has balls the size of small capers and…

          yes, Duncan, the country has a problem…

  4. Sadly the Governor backing toohey is meaningless to those who know Baker was doing rob calls in support of Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera. I wish he would figure out where he Stands. Either with sanctuary Lawrence or non sanctuary city ( for now) Haverhill.

    • Supporting another Republican is pro-forma. It has nothing to do with actual ‘support’. But is can be a dangerous game.

      Look at the US congress. Full of fools who supported Trump, who are now wondering how to get out from under him before they are taken down with him.

      About the only thing that Baker accomplished by endorsing Toohey, was to have lost votes from those of us who know that Toohey is no more suited for State Rep than Donald Trump is for President.