Haverhill Store Worker Receives Stab Wounds Fending Off Attempted Robbery

Area inside Red Hen Market where an employee was stabbed by a would-be robber. (WHAV News photograph.)

An employee of a River Street convenience store received stab wounds while fighting off a would-be robber early Sunday morning.

The employee of Red Hen Market, 56 River St., received multiple stab wounds from an as-yet unidentified masked man, a half hour into his store shift at about 12:30 a.m., Sunday. Officially unidentified, the employee, described as being in his mid-20s, fended off the attack and then arranged for another worker to fill in for him before being taken by ambulance to a local hospital, his co-worker told WHAV.

“He fought him off. There was blood everywhere,” the co-worker said. Most of the blood came from a gash above the eye. Otherwise, his colleague theorized, wounds were non-life-threatening likely because the knife used had a curved blade and could not be easily used to puncture.

The attack took place inside near the store entrance.

Police said Sunday night the suspect is a dark-skinned male wearing a hood and dark jacket and standing approximately five feet, seven inches tall. The suspect fled. Anyone with information is asked to call Haverhill Police at 978-373-1212 and leave an anonymous tip.


2 thoughts on “Haverhill Store Worker Receives Stab Wounds Fending Off Attempted Robbery

  1. Literally every day something like this is happening in the city. Is it safe to say Haverhill is the new Lawrence?
    What do you think crime will be like if Andy Vargas gets his way and makes Haverhill an “Official” sanctuary city?

    Driving around the city observing campaign signs, it’s very clear to see where Andy’s constituents are…The Acre, High Street and Washington Street. The very same areas where the criminals live who are committing these crimes in Haverhill. When Andy committed obstruction of justice when warned that Federal Gov’t officials were in the city enforcing drug laws, these were the neighborhoods he was telling.

    Someone with the history of breaking laws like Andy has no right making laws.