Boston Mayor Walsh Endorses Vargas Bid for State Representative

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and City Councilor Andy Vargas. (Courtesy photograph.)

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Sunday added his name to the list of endorsements City Councilor Andy Vargas has received in the primary race for state representative.

Walsh joins a majority of the Haverhill City Council, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, president of the Boston City Council, several other state representatives and senators, the AFL-CIO, Massachusetts Teacher Association, Sierra Club, Environmental League, ProgressiveMass, Mass Alliance, multiple SEIU locals, the Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council, and others, a statement said.

“Whether fighting for economic equity, investing in education or advocating for more transparency and efficiency in Haverhill, Andy Vargas has dedicated his life to public service and sticking up for families that need it most,” said Walsh. “He would no doubt be a solid addition to the State House, and I look forward to working alongside him for years to come,” he added.

Vargas’ campaign said Walsh’s endorsement “solidifies what is already a strong coalition of Democratic lawmakers prepared to work with Councilor Vargas on day one to deliver for the city of Haverhill.”

The primary election is tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Boston Mayor Walsh Endorses Vargas Bid for State Representative

  1. One political nightmare endorsing another. Little Andy has always dreamed of being a career politician and is poised to do so. Some of us find his cringy Obama impersonation laughable. That, “I practiced this in the mirror” delivery. Stiff, rehearsed and fake. Career politicians in Haverhill is why I find needles in the park when I walk my dog. Haverhill career politicians are the reason why we have one shooting after another and bums hanging out in front of businesses. Its why we have condemned and fire damaged buildings littering the landscape. These nit-wits are worrying about rail trails while people are getting murdered. Andy is a part of that do-nothing career politician crowd. No thanks. #anyonebutandy

  2. Jack Haverhill

    I do not support Andy Vargas for State Representative. Your comment about the intersection of Bailey Blvd. and Main Street is racist. There are plenty of reasons for not voting for Andy. Racism is not one of them.

  3. It is important in this diverse political climate to really understand not only the candidates and their experience,but also the morality and values. For me my vote will be for Paul Magliocchetti. His track record, values, and dedication is what the city of Haverhill needs. Many of his family have immigrated from Italy and all have done so following proper protocol and legally. I have respect for that. Their journeys were difficult but they persevered and fought through the difficulties with integrity and grit! Grit gets things done!
    It’s important that we all get out and vote on Tuesday the 10th to make our voices heard!!

    • Legally? But Paul said (and continues to say) his parents were DREAMers……. that means they were brought to this country undocumented guys. We need to call him out too, come on. At least Andy is transparent and consistent. Paul’s story and message changes depending on the population he’s addressing

  4. I know Vargas’ parents. An no – they did not come here illegally. His mom was actually born in Brooklyn. His dad has always been here legally and is a wonderful man with a big heart.

    Also, I think your assessment of sign holders is pretty shallow. I’ve had my door knocked twice — both by white people — young and old.

  5. Driving down Bailey Blvd and stopping at the intersection of Main Street this past Saturday morning it was interesting to observe the people supporting Andy…..they were ALL Hispanic. If voters haven’t figured out by now that Andy is exclusively a race based Latino candidate they haven’t been paying attention. His parents are illegally in the country; he’s put lives in danger by interfering with Federal law enforcement officials to support invaders selling drugs in the city; he advocates for the estimated 1,100 children attending Haverhill schools whose parents are illegally in the country which costs Haverhill taxpayers over $13MILLION EVERY year. Like the fraud he is he refuses to answer reporters questions when asked if he supports making Haverhill an official sanctuary city. He does nothing while invaders bring drugs to the city killing his peers and raping Latino women his own age. If you want Haverhill to fiscally and socially continue down the path towards becoming another Lawrence…they ya…vote for Andy. If you vote for this fraud remember…when the rape, crimes, shootings, drugs and murders continue…that’s on you.

    • I just love the public displays of insanity by liberal democrats in this state.

      The Boston Police Department recently reported that 65% of all crime committed there is done by criminal trespassers illegally in the country…mainly from the Dominican Republic. So what does Marty do? He publicly endorses a pro-sanctuary city candidate who interfered with Federal drug law enforcement officials in Haverhill putting lives at risk.
      Oh, and let’s not forget, Marty is endorsing a candidate whose Dominican Republic parents are also illegally in the country. You just can’t make this stuff up.