Local Planners Receive Federal Grant to Study Modern Textile Manufacturing

Karen Sawyer Conard, executive director, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission.

The Haverhill-based Merrimack Valley Planning Commission was awarded a $41,000 federal grant Tuesday to study the feasibility of a Lawrence Textile Innovation Center.

Known as a pioneer in fabric manufacturing, Lawrence is seeking to determine how technology could lead to a rebirth of the industry locally and provide jobs. The money, from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, will pay for a study of the possibility of creating an innovation Center, according to a joint statement from Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Edward J. Markey, Congresswoman Niki Tsongas and Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera.

“Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley are once again leading the way in textile manufacturing. This grant will help the city and region move forward with innovation that promises to create good jobs and to spur economic growth,” said Warren.

The new textile industry could provide “Wearable technologies, biosensors integrated into our clothing, and textiles made with new, innovative materials,” said Tsongas.

One thought on “Local Planners Receive Federal Grant to Study Modern Textile Manufacturing

  1. The City of Lawrence is gone, never to return. It’s lost forever to the insanity of liberal public policy. Yet, here these liberal fools are wasting money and pitching pipe dreams.
    If you own a business are you going to locate it in a sanctuary city that averages one armed robbery per day? Are you going to invest money and put the lives of your employees at risk where gang members zonked out on drugs literally beheaded someone as a right of passage into the gang? Are you going to be able to promote your business in a city that has one corrupt liberal democrat mayor after another, and where city officials go to jail for selling city property to thieves in other countries? Are you going to be able to promote your business to vendors/customers who come to your site and have to drive through literally dozens of panhandlers lining city streets. Can you feel safe in your business knowing Lawrence is located on “The River of Needles” as described in the local newspaper?
    I have to admit, listening to the fiction coming from The Fake Indian and Fake Congressman is very entertaining.