Haverhill Police Get Creative, Social Media-Friendly with New Posts

The Haverhill Police Department has developed a story-telling approach on its Facebook page.

Getting a bit more creative with the old-fashioned police blotter is one way Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro is making policing more friendly in the city.

Last night on WHAV’s Open Mike Show with Tim Coco, DeNaro commented on the use of creative writing on its social media accounts that are making people recognize the efforts of the police department in a more user friendly light.

“We’re getting with the times is the best way I can put it. If you look at the comments that we’re starting to receive from these stories, 10 to one, they’re positive. People are saying, ‘that’s a great way to tell the story’ and ‘that’s funny’ and ‘it’s showing a good side to your guys.’ ‘It’s more interesting, and we enjoy reading it’ as compared to officers who responded to so and so address and handled a burglary. We’re kind of showing that the officers that are doing these stories are funny—they’re people.”

According to DeNaro, it doesn’t stop there. The officers on the streets are required to have face-to-face conversations with residents in order to help make a connection with them.

“It was a program Capt. (Stephen) Doherty started, and what he’s doing is, we’re encouraging the officers to get out of the police car and talk to people. It could be a matter of just going up to a stoop and talking to a couple of kids or parents that are sitting there. It could be going into a park…so it’s just a matter of going out and connecting with the community,” said DeNaro.

Other technology advances such as predictive analysis software allows DeNaro and the department to better utilize the 94 officers on the force in places where a police presence might be needed most.

See the Haverhill Police Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Haverhill Police Get Creative, Social Media-Friendly with New Posts

  1. This is encouraging.

    I especially like the cop Taylor who patrols the Acre. I like her because we’ve talked. She’s a friendly, good natured, professional who waves to my children.

    Our trust of her and Officer Victoria are important to crime fighting. They’re as familiar as the niebors.

    Much better to have Taylor around than the stupid MRAP or arrogant officers.

  2. With the mayor implementing sanctuary city policies and making Haverhill a VERY dangerous place, it’s more important now than ever to be informed about the crime occurring in the city. Yet, here at WHAV they stopped printing the daily police log. I wonder why?