State Rep. Candidate Magliocchetti Pledges ‘Positive Campaign’

Haverhill School Committee member Paul A. Magliocchetti. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti, candidate for state representative.

After a somewhat raucous start, and just a week before the primary election, one of the Democratic candidates for state representatives is asking everyone to run positive campaigns.

School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti, candidate for the open Third Essex seat, pledged last week to, in his words, “run a positive campaign focused on the issues important to Haverhill.”

“In the current political climate there is a lot of fake news, distortions and misrepresentations to score cheap political points,” Magliocchetti said. “That is not what our district needs or voters deserve. That is why I am focusing on my positive vision for making Haverhill an even better place to raise a family and start a business.”

The primary election is a week from tomorrow. The winner of the Democratic primary faces Republican School Committeeman Shaun P. Toohey Nov. 7.

Although the Democratic candidates share similar positions on immigration, an article in a North Andover newspaper brought a heated exchange between the candidates near the end of August.

Magliocchetti added, “I’m excited about sharing my ideas with the people I hope to represent. I want to listen to their concerns and work to find solutions.”

17 thoughts on “State Rep. Candidate Magliocchetti Pledges ‘Positive Campaign’

  1. And let me add, Saun Ryan is asking us to continue the failed legacy of Haverhill’s biggest political joke. No thanks. Luckily his father in law owns property or half those signs would have nowhere to go.

  2. Paul, what exactly is a clean campaign? Are you hearing from your silly liberal friends that telling the truth about Andy is “dirty” in some way?
    Is point out that Andy’s father is an criminal illegal trespasser in this country taking jobs from Americans clean?
    Is pointing out Andy’s grandmother trespassed into this country from the Dominican Republic so that she could have his mother in this country clean?
    Is it clean to point out Andy put lives at risk when he warned illegals Federal Gov’t law enforcement was in the city?
    Is pointing out Andy did nothing when Latino children were used as a pawn by a corrupt city teachers union clean?
    Is it clean to point out Andy has literally no professional experience in any capacity?
    Is it clean to point out Andy did/said nothing when a young Spanish girl his own age was raped by two illegals in the city
    Is it clean to point out Andy refuses to answer reporter’s when asked if he supports making Haverhill a sanctuary city?

    • Isn’t it interesting that nine days before the election, Mr. Magliocchetti has decided he wants to run a positive campaign? Really??? After the negative lies he’s said about his opponent Mr. Vargas in the Valley Patriot, and the smear campaign he’s run against him. Now he wants to play nice? That’s funny!

      Maybe he’s he’s afraid the truth will come out about him. I’d be afraid too if I were him. He’s been on the school committee for 8 years! In that time our school ranking has gone down, down, down.

      Mr. Vargas has accomplished more in his short time on City Council than Paul has after 8 years on School Committee. I want someone on Beacon Hill that knows how to get things done.

      • Jill…Mr. Magliochetti didn’t lie in the VP story….he told he truth about Andy….that he put lives at risk when he posted a Facebook message warning criminal trespassers in the city that Federal law enforcement officials were in the city doing their job. How is that lying? Andy was aiding and abetting criminals and broke the law of obstruction of justice. How is pointing that out a lie?

        The Valley Patriot editorial “Vargas Put Lives At Risk” should be mandatory reading for anyone wanting to know the truth about Andy. Have you read it?

        Jill, what “exactly” has Andy accomplished?

      • Clearly you do not understand the relationship between the School Committee and the Superintendent of Schools. If what you say about school ranking going down is true, the Superintendent shares the blame since he is responsible for the day to day operation and success or failure.

        You make an unsupported claim that Mr. Vargas has accomplished much on the City Council. I cannot cite any such accomplishment.

      • Please list for me the top 10 things that Andy has “accomplished” through his own efforts – I’ll be waiting.

        And please don’t use the phrases “reaching out” or “common ground” in your listing – I want ten DEATILED SPECIFICS.

        Thanks – looking forward to seeing your answer.

        • Cob…you want a list of 10 things? I’d be happy with JUST ONE thing!

          Something tells me Jill Haverhill won’t be coming down for dinner.

        • I fully understand the relationship between the Superintendent of schools and the School Committee. I agree the Superintendent of Schools is absolutely responsible for the state of our schools. Paul voted twice to renew the current Superintendent’s contract!

          You don’t have to believe me that our school ranking has fallen. Just go on the Deoartment of Elementary and Secondary Education website. It’s all there. Just don’t forget to look back and see where our school ranked 10 years ago.

          Andy voted to keeep the citizens of Haverhill safe by voting against the Mayor’s budget until he added more police officers.

          Paul has never ever voted against the Mayor’s school budget!

          How about you list something Paul has accomplished through his own efforts as a School Committee member in his 8 years! I’m sure I’ll be waiting a long time.

          • Where was Andy when a young Spanish girl was raped in a city park? I’ll tell you where he was….he was hiding because the two animals that raped the girl were criminal trespassers in the country illegally and speaking out against them would have been against his support of sanctuary city policies.
            Where was Andy when the leadership of the Haverhill Teacher’s Association was intentionally lying and using Spanish students as a pawn to defeat the renewal of the Silver Hill charter? HE WAS HIDING!! He felt it more important to his career to support the liberal agenda of not supporting charter schools than supporting the Latino community he brags he is a leader of.
            Where was Andy when Lawrence gangs full of criminal trespassers were shooting at each at Little League games over drugs they brought into the country? HE WAS HIDING!

      • Vargas has ZERO, NOTHING to point to as an accomplishment. His watered down Obama impersonation is cringy and unwatchable. As mentioned before, he hasn’t even proven that he can have a Facebook account without frightening the public. He has sat on city council with those other fat heads and done nothing. Talk. Talk. Talk. Magliocchetti is the only adult running here. Andy cant “learn as he goes” with a big boy job. Only in Haverhill can someone that unaccomplished and inexperienced get to sit on city council. #anyonebutandy.

        • To say that Magliocchetti has been the “only adult running” is laughable at best. He was visibly irritated at the Democratic debate and could not help himself by repeatedly sniping with snide, condescending remarks, as well as rudely talking over the moderator when his time to speak had clearly passed. Tonight, in his radio interview, the only thing Magliocchetti accomplished was coming off as sour about the fact that Vargas has earned the support of prominent players at the State House.

          To be fair to Mr. Magliocchetti, I would be pretty sour too if I had to run on an abysmal school committee record and lacked the juice to build consensus here in Haverhill and with allies at the State House.

          • R. Dinunzio: How exactly does having “support of the prominent players at the State House” translate into votes?

          • R. Dinunzio

            How conveniently you ignore the fact that among politicians nothing is free. The Boston politicians who endorsed Vargas have absolutely no genuine interest in Haverhill. What matters to them is that they add another radical liberal to their number. Andy keeps complimenting Haverhill voters on how smart they are. He doesn’t think they are smart enough to see that one day he will have to pay heavily for those endorsements. Voters of Haverhill, do not allow Boston politicians to determine our future!