Democratic Candidates, Police Chief DeNaro on Open Mike Tonight

Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro at the podium in 2017 while Capt. Stephen J. Doherty Jr. listens at left. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro before the Haverhill City Council last May. (WHAV News photograph.)

Tonight’s Open Mike Show features Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro and the two Democratic candidates for state representative.

Both of the Democratic candidates, School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti and City Councilor Andy Vargas, are expected to field questions from host Tim Coco and make pitches as to why voters should choose one over the other. Because only the Democratic primary is contested, Republican Shaun P. Toohey, a Haverhill school committeeman, said he would wait until after the primary to appear on the program.

The primary election is Tuesday, Oct. 10.

DeNaro is expected to talk about a new social media initiative Haverhill Police are using to raise awareness and answer questions.

97.9 WHAV FM’s Open Mike Show begins at 6:30 p.m. Besides FM radio, the show may be seen live at WHAV.TV, WHAV’s Facebook page and HC Media channel 22. Audio streams are also available at

13 thoughts on “Democratic Candidates, Police Chief DeNaro on Open Mike Tonight

  1. If you want to know what Andy Vargas stands for, you will never hear it from him. One of the letters to the editor in today’s Tribune gives it all away. The Vargas supporter is a screaming liberal and uses all the radical jargon. I believe that the author thinks that Haverhill voters are too stupid to see through his poorly disguised talking points. Haverhill is a conservative community and I don’t mean politically conservative and does not want to be represented by radical young politician.

  2. Someone ask the police chief how he has managed to keep a judge when Haverhill has become one of the most violent cities in Massachusetts? Just another reason why jimmy wont ever win higher office.

  3. after listening to the two democrats one would have to vote for shaun toohey for state representative. tim should have asked why are you both running for two offices at the same time. in case you loose in the democrat primary you can keep running for city council / school committee. health insurance / pension /paycheck. they both had a chance to withdraw before the deadline but said NO.

    • Shaun who? Andy is out there, his supporters are out there, ALL THE TIME. Paul is just starting to make a dent in social media, while Shaun is AWOL.

      I have no skin in the game here as it’s not my District of Haverhill (but effects me just the same), but no one will ever be able to say that “kid” isn’t out there working his ass off for the vote. I would never vote for him simply on his immigration position, which is number two for me right behind economic/fiscal issues for me, but don’t be surprised on 10/10/2017 when Andy Vargas wins the State Representative race. Vargas is running an incredible campaign, and a few signs on businesses and people’s lawns won’t change that for Shaun.

  4. Do you really think Mr Coco is going to ask that question?? WHAV started as unbiased news but as one can see it is now leaning into what Mr Coco’s hidden agenda is.

    • Dannyboy, you are absolutely right! I’ve commented here several times about the intentionally biased reporting.

      I think it’s important to politely and respectfully ask Mr. Coco here, in a public forum, if he can ask specific, vitally important questions of these candidates. What he then does determines the outcome of your claim. He’s either going to ignore the questions based on his own political ideology, or, he’ll leave ideology out of it, and ask the questions the public wants answers to. What happens to the questions asked in this comment forum will tell a lot about WHAV’s legitimacy as an unbiased news source going forward. So please, I encourage you to politely ask him questions.

  5. Mr. Coco….Please ask the candidates “Yes or No…do you support Haverhill becoming an official sanctuary city”?

    Andy, of course, will use all the liberal talking points he reads on Huffington Post, and what he learned at Boston University, not to answer the question directly. No explanation will be necessary…just a Yes or No is all that is required. Anyone who knows anything about this issue knows why people believe as they do. So don’t let Andy try to spin his answer, or not answer it at all. Should a discussion develop on this issue, ask Andy why it’s okay that his father, who isn’t even a citizen of this country, should remain here taking jobs away from Americans. Ask Andy when he was attending HHS why his father refused to fill out the 2010 US Census? Ask him was it because so there was no record of his family being in the country illegally. When Andy starts talking about “immigrants” have him specifically define the difference between illegal trespassers in the country, and those that came here through the process legally.