Driving Without Headlights Brings Arrest of Methuen Man Allegedly Drug Dealing

Stash seized from 23-year-old Tommy Marte of Methuen. (Courtesy photograph.)

A car driving without headlights caught the attention of Massachusetts State Police Tuesday night and resulted in the arrest of a Methuen man and Lawrence woman on drug charges and seizure of more than $65,000 in cash.

Trooper Joseph Diliegro pulled over a Ford Explorer around 8:30, Tuesday night for a simple headlight violation, but caught the smell of marijuana as he approached the car. In plain sight, the trooper also noticed what appeared to a bag of marijuana.

The driver, 23-year-old Tommy Marte of Methuen, and passenger, Mery Rodriguez, a 24-year-old from Lawrence, were arrested. Each were charged with possession with intent to distribute a marijuana, possession with intent to distribute THC and conspiracy to violate drug laws. Marte was also cited for driving without headlights and driving while in possession of an open container of marijuana.

“Details of the packaging of the narcotics and the money were consistent with practices used in drug distribution,” police said in a statement, adding “No effort had been made to conceal any of the items.”

Police later found money throughout the vehicle and on Marte, totaling more than $65,000; a large unzipped black duffel bag with 29 large clear plastic bags of suspected marijuana, nine plastic bags containing approximately 90 tubes of “THC Rolls,” five additional large clear plastic bags of a substance believed to be marijuana and four cell phones.

3 thoughts on “Driving Without Headlights Brings Arrest of Methuen Man Allegedly Drug Dealing

  1. Proof positive that criminals are just that, criminals – and, in addition, are usually as dumb as a rock as well.

    Good job by the Massachusetts State police to confiscate the drugs, and get a few more losers off the street.

    • So true! With the opioid issues that we have here in Massachusetts, the number of young people who are hooked on this nasty stuff, and the amount of money it is costing us (those of us who pay taxes and in terms of wasted lives and lack of productivity), — put these people in jail, or deport them if warranted and they are here illegally! Let’s hope some do-gooder judge is NOT assigned to this case and said do-gooder doesn’t set bail at some ridiculously low number.