Police Respond to Gunfire at Same Bradford Home as a Year Ago

A military-style vehicle, marked as Haverhill Police, appeared last October in front of a South Em Street home. (WHAV News photograph.)

Front view of Navistar International truck deployed by Haverhill Police last fall. (WHAV News photograph.)

Almost a year apart, Haverhill Police Monday night found themselves again responding to a report of gun shots in a populous Bradford neighborhood.

Police found evidence of a firearm fired at about 10:30 p.m., at 136 S. Elm St., said Detective Lt. Robert P. Pistone, police spokesman. It is the same address that saw the local debut last October of a surplus military truck, known as a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected—or MRAP—vehicle. Pistone declined to say whether a home or vehicle was shot until an investigation is complete.

“No one was injured, and this is not believed to be a random act. Haverhill Police will increase patrols in the area,” Pistone said.

Last Oct. 12, residents of a Bradford home escaped injuries after suspected gang members fired bullets during a drive-by assault on the South Elm Street residence. At that time, bullets penetrated the second floor living area of the home, as evidenced by damage to the building.

“Witnesses stated a male party fled toward South Pleasant Street after reporting he fired multiple shots into the dwelling,” Pistone said at the time.

Haverhill Police are asking the public for any information about the shooting or suspects. Residents may call 978-373-1212 where they may leave an anonymous tip.

8 thoughts on “Police Respond to Gunfire at Same Bradford Home as a Year Ago

  1. Is this the same Brahhhdford that likes to make people think they are their own town ? You know, not part of Haverhill ? I wonder why HAVERHILL police are called ? Don;t they have their own cops ?

  2. Imagine what the violence and crime is going to be like when Andy Vargas and the mayor officially make Haverhill a sanctuary city?

    Last February Andy Vargas, as an elected public official with a sworn duty to protect the interests of the citizens of Haverhill, posted on his Facebook page that Federal Government immigration officials were in the city doing their job. Stop and think about that for a second. He knowingly interfered with the Federal Government with the sole purpose to help people who aren’t even citizens of this country!! Who would have the nerve to interfere with Federal Agents? Amazingly, he didn’t do it to help Haverhill citizens, he did it to help people who are committing the crimes in the city.
    Drugs, rapes, robberies, break-ins…if you think it’s bad now, wait until the Democrats in Haverhill put an advocate for these criminals in the legislature….Andy will be making Facebook posts to protect them from Beacon Hill.

      • You’re right! And what has becoming a sanctuary city meant to Lawrence? A middle school girl literally snatched off the street and raped all day by an illegal. An elderly couple having a shotgun put in their faces in their own driveway after returning from Market Basket. A beheading of a young man in a gang related murder while the murder’s mother was complaining about the response of the police while in her home in the Dominican Republic. The city being listed as one of the most dangerous cities in the nation. And on and on…

        What is it going to take for voters to fully understand how dangerous embracing liberal immigration policy is to public safety in Haverhill? We’ve already had murders, rapes and more crime than the police can handle. What do they think is going to happen if “State Rep” Andy Vargas further opens the flood gates?