Troopers Arrest Maine Man at Haverhill Rest Stop with Heroin, Guns, More

A Maine man was caught with heroin, cocaine, marijuana and handguns early Saturday morning at an Interstate 495 rest stop in Haverhill.

Massachusetts State Police said Thursday troopers arrested 33-year-old Ryan Pomeroy, Waterville, Maine, and charged him with trafficking in cocaine and heroin, possession of class E drugs, possession of two guns without a license and possession of ammunition without a firearms identification card.

A statement said Trooper Brian Fuller was routinely patrolling the 495 rest area when he observed Pomeroy “fumbling with something” with his car door open. Fuller first noticed an open bag of marijuana on the car’s center console and marijuana residue on Pomeroy’s pants. When Pomeroy lifted the bag, the trooper noticed another clear bag with containing what would later be determined to be 40.2 grams heroin.

Following the arrest, police inspected the car, finding two handguns—a .380 caliber Glock model 42 and a Taurus 9mm caliber model PT 111 pro—ammunition and 143.2 grams of cocaine and other drugs.

Pomeroy was taken to the Newbury barracks and held on $7,500 bail at the Middleton County Jail.

3 thoughts on “Troopers Arrest Maine Man at Haverhill Rest Stop with Heroin, Guns, More

    • My guess is that this BAD GUY IS A CRIMINAL INVADER! Why else would he be parked in a remote area away from prying eyes with all of the paraphernalia he was carrying?

      ALSO, the proposed bail is too SMALL! What is wrong with our court systems, and what about the protection of the LEGAL citizens of Haverhill? Why don’t we count?
      What is wrong with the court systems in this country? This includes the judges, prosecutors? I would think the police are VERY frustrated at this point.