Northern Essex Joins Other Colleges, Schools in Opposing DACA End

Northern Essex Community College President Lane A. Glenn. (Courtesy photograph.)

Northern Essex Community College President Lane A. Glenn.

The president of Northern Essex Community College this week joined the presidents of the other 14 state community colleges and Boston Public Schools in opposing President Donald Trump’s end of a program helping children of immigrants who stayed in the U.S. illegally.

Lane A. Glenn told college trustees Wednesday night of the letter written in support of “dreamers,” who have been protected from deportation by the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals—known as DACA.

“Individuals with DACA status live in our communities, pay taxes and are ready and willing to continue to positively contribute to our local economies and communities,” the statement reads. “Ending DACA and subjecting these individuals to deportation not only contradicts our shared values and the inherent principles in our educational missions, but threatens the economic well-being of our region, state, and country.”

The statement notes Massachusetts ranks number one in K-12 education and the number of residents with college degrees. Students include those with DACA status.

“In many respects, our country has grown to its present strength due to the past influx of immigrants seeking the American Dream,” the statement continues. “That dream is grounded in our country’s belief that all are endowed with three basic rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The ‘crime’ of the undocumented immigrant today is pursuing the same dream of many in the past – a better life for their families.”

The single-page statement concludes, “We stand together to fight for the continued protection of all the young people with and eligible for DACA.”

2 thoughts on “Northern Essex Joins Other Colleges, Schools in Opposing DACA End

  1. Mr Glenn, you would be smart to pay attention to what is going on within your own doors. Your college is falling apart and you continue to focus on issues that do nothing to help the school. You can pander to these people all you want but they will not save you. In the end, your future will be determined by a simple formula, economics. Either you make money or you don’t. Look around nationally and you will see other colleges who support agendas like yours are failing as well.

  2. “Dreamers” “…these individuals…” “undocumented immigrant”
    Not surprisingly, the manipulation of language by liberals continues to ignore the FACT that “these” people are criminals. They’re in the country illegally as a result of their parents breaking the laws of this country.

    If the parents of these kids robbed a bank would the children be able to keep the money?

    As reported here on WHAV recently, Lane Glenn is failing terribly as president of NECC. Enrollment is down, costs are up, salaries are going unpaid and courses are being cut. He’s not just promoting the liberal agenda with this support of these criminal trespassers, he’s trying to save his job because the school is failing so badly under his management.