Lowell Five Employees Give to House of Hope Shelter

From left to right, Lowell Five’s Leigh Jaynes, retail banking supervisor; Pam Duncan, receptionist; Down Boyle, assistant branch manager; and Susan Silva, branch manager; House of Hope’s Marianne Staid, shelter coordinator; Jennifer Sharkey, associate director, business and development; Lowell Five CEO and President David Wallace; Jennifer Moura, bank customer service representative; David Leighton, teller; and Debbie Trull, bank human resources representative. (Courtesy photograph.)

Lowell Five Bank, which has a branch in Haverhill, last week donated more than $7,500 to Lowell’s House of Hope Shelter.

Members of the Lowell Five Bank Employee Charitable Giving Committee and Lowell Five Bank staff gave its second quarter Employee Charitable Giving Award, given by employees through payroll deductions and matched by the bank. The award totaled $7,671.

Since 1985, House of Hope Shelter has served tens of thousands of homeless mothers and children by providing emergency shelter services in the greater Lowell community. House of Hope and House of Hope Housing are sister organizations that share a commitment to transitioning homeless families into a stable community life by providing tandem services that respect and nurture families so that they can heal from the trauma of homelessness; and support heads-of-households by guiding them through opportunities to build economic sufficiency and embrace a stable home life.

With the addition of a new Fletcher Street residence opened in July, House of Hope now operates four shelter locations and three permanent housing sites. House of Hope also runs a non-profit, re-sale store called “The Hope Chest,” on Market Street in Lowell. It addition to offering gently used children’s clothing for sale, the store provides on-the-job training for recently homeless parents. All the profits from the store go back to the House of Hope Program.

Each year, Lowell Five’s employees choose four charitable organizations from a list of employee elected nominees to be the recipients of a Quarterly Charitable Giving Award. Earlier this year, The Humane Society of Greater Nashua received the first quarter award.