Update: Two Men Shot in Acre; One Victim Identifies Himself to WHAV

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Two men are being treated for a single gunshot wound each after yet another shooting in the Acre neighborhood.

One victim identified himself to WHAV as Jason D. Brillon. He said he and his brother, Ronald, were both shot just before 9 p.m. in the area of Cedar and Dover Streets. He believes they were intentionally targeted.

“We were outside on Cedar Street and we heard the shots. I got shot in my shoulder, went in the back, out the front,” Jason Brillon told WHAV in a brief exchange from Lawrence General Hospital. “It was a drive-by shooting. I wish I knew the reason. They’re bringing us to Boston for surgery.”

Brillon, of Salem, N.H., was recently in the news, defending his 11-year-old daughter against, what he called “bullying” and assault by a former classmate at a Bradford doughnut shop. His daughter lives in Haverhill.

Haverhill Police say they responded to a report of two men possibly shot. Officers found two adult men who had each been shot once. Both parties were taken to a local hospital. Police are not releasing other details yet, while an initial investigation is underway.

This is the third neighborhood shooting with injuries in less than two months. An unidentified man was found with “multiple gunshot wounds” Aug. 3, just past midnight, near 21 Pentucket St.

Earlier, on July 1, two men were shot outside 37 Cedar Street near Fourth Avenue. A 31-year-old Haverhill man was sent to a Boston hospital with serious injuries. The other, a 29-year-old Haverhill man was grazed by a bullet, treated at the scene and released.

Thursday night’s injuries were not considered to be life-threatening. Police are asking for the public’s help for any information. Witnesses or others who may have information may call the Haverhill Police Department at 978-373-1212 where they may leave an anonymous tip.

This is a developing story, continually updated.

16 thoughts on “Update: Two Men Shot in Acre; One Victim Identifies Himself to WHAV

  1. Wow Jack Haverhill……. Have the police identified the shooters because I haven’t heard that yet. If you have information about the shooting you should really tell the police .apparently you know who did the shooting because you know that it’s illegal aliens. Oh wait your just making stupid assumptions again! You should be more concerned with trump picking fights with unstable dictators

    • You do follow the events that take place in The Acre, don’t you Speaking? Ever drive through that neighborhood?
      My “assumption” is based on SWAT teams being shot at in the middle of the day and drug busts there almost on a daily basis by criminal illegals.
      Speaking….they’re not ‘aliens’…they’re criminal trespassers in this country illegally.

      You’re not Alice Mann, are you Speaking?

      • Not sure who Alice Mann is? I’m very familiar with the acre area but unfortunately I don’t have your Talent of being able to pick out illegals with my naked eye. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of these piece of crap gang members are actually American citizens. Believe it or not I agree that criminals that aren’t citizens should be put in jail and after serving their prison sentence should be sent back to their country never to return. My problem with you jack isyou’re one-trick pony. In your world American citizens don’t commit any crime.

        • Johnboy wears a tinfoil hat. Pay no attention to him. He’s an angry little troll who is mildly amuzing at best. But he does know everything 🙂

          • Hey Fireboy, I’m not at all surprised by your lack of response to the challenge I made to you about the upcoming HFD 5K. I would have been absolutely shocked if you had responded.

            What water station will you be working at?

          • I missed your challenge Johnboy. I concede, you can run faster than me, most cowards are great runners.

          • I can judge you your stupid comments . Your just a hateful person that feels you have the right to spew your racist agenda because our country elected your boy trump

        • Speaking….pulling the “racism” card….the last bastion of illogical liberals….too funny.
          Again, you’re not paying attention. I never refer to race, color or ethnicity.

          How is referring to invaders accurately as what they are … “criminal trespassers” racist?

          • It’scalled ready between the lines Jacky . Your pretty easy to figure out. I don’t have to be liberal to find the crap you spew offensive. But isn’t that your objective anyway. What’s offensive is you blame illegals for everything without any proof.

  2. Why isn’t the Haverhill police department calling Alice Mann, one of the leaders of the pro-illegal immigration advocacy group the Merrimack Valley Project, to find the shooter? Alice and her cronies support allowing illegals to stay in this cite mainly because they provide valuable leads on crimes that are being committed on the streets Haverhill.

    If these far left liberals are going to publicly support the criminal invaders that are making headlines committing dangerous crimes on the streets of Haverhill literally every day it’s time they put up or shut up.

    WHAV….Can you please follow up with Alice to find out what leads she and her group are providing to the HPD to solve these crimes….TY.

  3. No worries. The city council is talking about those ugly bump outs downtown. That’s the priority right now so ignore the shootings and let’s figure out how to have more of those thingys and then worry about parking again. Then, don’t forget to elect us again in the fall !

  4. Well, isn’t that a coincidence…we were just leaving LGH tonight around 10ish./10:30 I was parked at the emergency entrance waiting for my daughter, nurse and ex, to exit the hospital. This person driving, a white car, came speeding through this area, which is such a small space, (a 15 minute pick up spot, maybe fits 6-7 cars), at the emergency drop/pick up point, carelessly driving. Pulled right in front of me, stopped dropped off 2 women. He got out of the car, as well. Then 2 women exited his car, I’m guessing, Mom and child. ( a teenager)? The Mom had the young girl, forcing her to walk. It looked as if (the Mom), grabbed the young girl, with her right hand, by either her ear, or nape of her neck, making her walk through the entrance doors. The male got back into his car and left. Even strange though, in route to the hospital, while my daughter and I went to dinner, we received a call that our patient was ready and was being dicharged. I dropped my daughter off at the emergency parking lot and said I would meet her at the emergency room. As I was trying to find a parking space, none at the emergency entrance, I proceeded to the lot below. My daughter called and said the hospital was on lock-down but our patient, still needed clothes, to be discharged. I went home, got the necessary clothing and returned. I went into the emergency entrance, the receptionist let me in to drop off the clothing, I guess the lock down was lifted???? Said I had to get back quickly as I was double park and had a dog in the car, (with windows down partially). Is this relavant to anything you wanted to hear?