Council Compromise Allows Firefighters to Continue ‘Fill the Boot’ Campaign on Water St.

City officials have come to a compromise that will allow firefighters to continue a 60-year tradition of conducting their “Fill the Boot” campaign by soliciting contributions in the street.

Earlier this year, councilors passed an ordinance banning all collections on public ways in the city.

Mayor James J. Fiorentini vetoed the ordinance, saying firefighters should be allowed to continue their fundraising efforts for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

This week, the council accepted a suggestion from the mayor that the firefighters be allowed to collect over Labor Day weekend only in front of the Water Street Fire Station.

City Councilor Joseph J. Bevilacqua opposed the compromise, saying veterans organizations, service groups, student athletes and others also should be allowed to solicit donations on city streets.

Councilor Michael S. McGonagle said the city’s public safety officials opposed allowing the other groups to collect in the street, calling it a safety hazard.

McGonagle said he will work with local veterans groups on an alternative fundraiser.


8 thoughts on “Council Compromise Allows Firefighters to Continue ‘Fill the Boot’ Campaign on Water St.

  1. Ok, so how will this work again ? The city council passes an ordinance to ban something. Then, the Mayor wants a special exemption for ONE group and gets it. Now I am really confused because it seems that the Mayor favors ONE group over another ? By doping this, the Mayor is picking which charity gets money and blocks others from doing the same. Hmmm, doesn’t that sound like the definition of discrimination ? Yes it does and it is ! Where is the outrage ??

  2. John, there’s a small problem with your list. It’s all LIES! Completely untrue twisted version of the facts. Now be a big boy and tell us why you hate firefighters so much. You’ll feel better.

  3. Can you imagine how much money the thieves of the HFD have skimmed in the past 60 years? When the chief of the department himself committed a felony when he knowingly stole $1,800.00 from city taxpayers it gives the signal to all the other thieves that anything goes.

    Comparing the HFD thieves who literally sit around all day to veterans who put their lives in danger defending this country is ridiculous.

      • Geez, Keith…seriously? You’re not going to make me list all the times you and your sticky finger brothers have stolen from taxpayers to back up my comment, are ya? It’s pretty obvious with people giving you thieves actual cash, and no one watching, the temptation to skim what goes in those boots would be too hard to overcome. C’mon…tell us…how much do you guys take? 10%? 25%? More??

        • Jack, AKA John Kleschinsky, what have you done to help anyone lately? You’re just an angry old man who hides behind his computer slandering good people. Have an ounce of courage and tell everyone what your real issue with firefighters is? I won’t hold my breath…

          • I’m talking about the 30 felon fire fighters who would have gone to jail if it wasn’t for a corrupt, incompetent mayor. I’m talking about a whole department of thieves who scammed talking sick days so they could fraudulently increase their pay. I’m talking about a whole department of scheming, lying hacks who covered for one of their own while he sat in a NH prison. I’m talking about a lying thief who went out on disability for stepping over a snow bank. I’m talking about the hacks who refused to respond quickly to a fire where an elderly woman died and then had the fkn nerve to blame their slow response on a budget issue.

            My listing real events of the thieves in the HFD may seem like slander to you Keith, because you participated in most of these things, but in the real world outside of your firehouse the rest of us call my comments what they are….FACTS.

            I knew you were going to make me list all the thefts you hacks have committed. But hey, I don’t mind doing it. It’s a good reminder to anyone reading these posts what you thieves are all about.