Haverhill Man, 31, Receives Serious Injuries After Acre Shooting

A 31-year-old Haverhill man is in a Boston hospital with serious injuries after being shot outside on Cedar Street early this morning.

He was one of two men who received gunshot wounds, according to Detective Lt. Robert P. Pistone, Haverhill Police spokesman. The other, a 29-year-old Haverhill man was grazed by the bullet, treated at the scene and released. Police were called at 1:25 a.m., Saturday, to 37 Cedar St., near Fourth Avenue.

“At this time, Haverhill police do not believe it was a random act,” Pistone told WHAV. Police are not releasing any names or speculating about suspects or motives while an investigation continues. No arrests have yet been made.

The 31-year-old man was transported to Lawrence General Hospital by Trinity EMS and later medflighted to Boston, he said.

For three hours during the investigation by Haverhill Police, with the assistance of Massachusetts State Police crime scene services, Cedar Street between Fourth Avenue and White Street was closed to traffic.

8 thoughts on “Haverhill Man, 31, Receives Serious Injuries After Acre Shooting

  1. Pay no attention to the escalating violence in the city of Haverhill.. Vote for the Mayors’ budget which totally ignores the need for the police increases that statistics show they need. Instead, let’s pay for trees, rail trails rarely used, and useless emotional feel good things which become useless when violence reaches all time highs. Great job city council members, ( except for Mitchitson who had some guts), you fell victim to the bully at city hall once again. Enjoy your 4th !!

    • Why would anyone want to? Haverhill solely survives on whatever crumbs Brian Dempsey takes from others. Were it not for the millions in state aid, the city would be worse off. If someone were to beat Mayor Jimmy, and not aligned with Dempsey and ideologue Beacon Hill Democrats, he could single-handedly destroy that person by simply cutting funding. The blame would be placed, with an equally corrupt media, on the new Mayor, which would surely be a one-term. Who wants that?

      It might not be so bad if people actually voted, even in light of massive gerrymandering, but they don’t. So legislators like ours, Linda Dean Campbell, Brian Dempsey, and O’Connor-Ives can pass $18 million-dollar ballot initiative proof pay raises for themselves while telling you to #EatCake!

      Mayor Jimmy will be mayor as long as he wants. Until people start voting not just at the ballot box, but their wallets/feet, the status quo remains.