Alleged Armed Robber, Under Police Watch, Now Faces Fla. Drug Charge

Ian J. Kessel, as seen in a Lee County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office booking photograph.

Ian J. Kessel. (Lee County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office booking photograph.)

A former Haverhill High School football player, scheduled to stand trial in September for armed robbery charges, was arrested early Monday morning for marijuana possession and resisting an officer in Florida.

Despite the armed robbery charge pending here, Ian J. Kessel, 20, was allowed to travel, according to Carrie Kimball-Monahan, spokesperson for Essex County District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett. Earlier restrictions that Kessel obey a curfew and stay with his parents were lifted by a Superior Court judge last August. While the district attorney’s office could not speak directly to this case while prosecutor Christina Ronan is on vacation, she said it is generally understood bail may be revoked if other crimes are committed.

Kessel, Dalvin F. Andino, then 19, also of Haverhill, and a 17-year-old juvenile were arrested during January of 2016 at the Forest Acres apartment complex after, what police termed, “a drug deal gone bad.” Kessel and Andino were later indicted by an Essex County grand jury.

“The victim in this case made an arrangement to buy marijuana and was told to meet at Forest Acres Drive,” Haverhill Police Lt. Robert P. Pistone said at the time. “When he went there, he was directed to get into a motor vehicle where a gun was put to his head. He was robbed of a good sum of money,” he added.

Haverhill Police had been watching Kessel’s 12 Lexington Ave. home with the department’s conspicuous, white Navistar International truck, labeled as a “video surveillance unit.”

Kessel was released on $1,500 bail for each charge following his arrest just after 5 a.m. by the Lee County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office. The former running back for the Hillies, who also has a Naples, Fla., home address, was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, described as less than 20 grams. The resisting officer charge was described as non-violent and is also classified as a misdemeanor. He is scheduled to face trial July 18.

Kessel was also reported as having been arrested by Salem, N.H., police for alleged shoplifting this past April at Macy’s department store.

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    • Good question why is he out causing more problems to innocent people and how can he afford to live in that house in bradford, and have a house in Naples FL he does not work????