Jordan Plans City Council Campaign; Others Take Nomination Papers

City Council President Timothy J. Jordan. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Tim Jordan speaks at Hunking School last month as part of a forum,  “Reach Higher: A Haverhill Community Discussion on School Success.” (Photograph by Cindy Driver for WHAV News.)

Two more sitting city councilors and a potential newcomer recently took out nomination papers for Haverhill City Council. All eyes, however, appear to be on a newly declared candidate who has not yet formally sought nomination.

Tim Jordan, owner of Jordan Financial and Insurance Services, of Bradford, told WHAV Monday he plans to obtain nomination papers Tuesday. He said he has a number of priorities as a candidate.

“My main objectives are education—it has such a major impact on the way the city is viewed and the lives of the kids going into the system. When you look at the performance numbers overall, we’re not getting the job done in the city,” he said. And, he added, he wants more police officers on the street. “Chief (Alan R.) Denaro and his department, as a whole, have done a great job,” Jordan said, adding, “For a city of 35 square miles, though, there are not enough cops on the street.”

Jordan also cited economic development and spending transparency as campaign objectives. He explained luring more business to Haverhill also depends on having a well-educated workforce. As for transparency, he asked, “What are we spending our money on? Are we spending it wisely? Are we getting a good return on investment?”

Jordan is planning a campaign kickoff, Wednesday night, beginning at 5:30 at The Peddlers Daughter, 45 Wingate St.

Jordan, a founder of the Haverhill Education Coalition, last month served as master of ceremonies for “Reach Higher: A Haverhill Community Discussion on School Success.” He has also been active with Team Haverhill, Haverhill Rotary Club, Greater Haverhill Foundation, Sacred Hearts Parish Finance Council, Haverhill Travel Basketball and Creative Haverhill. He was presented with a Community Hero Award last fall by Emmaus during the organization’s 14th Annual Paving the Road Home breakfast.

Others who recently obtain nomination papers from the City Clerk’s office are incumbent councilors, Melinda E. Barrett, 12 Salem St., and Thomas J. Sullivan, 77 Longview St. Another new council entrant is Dave Maddaluno, 75 Old Groveland Road, Haverhill.

Previously declaring intentions to run for City Council were incumbents Colin F. LePage, Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien, Joseph J. Bevilacqua, William J. Macek and Michael S. McGonagle; former Councilor Kenneth E. Quimby Jr.; Adele F. Martino; Michael J. Katsulis; and Fred Simmons.

School Committee candidates thus far are Alicia Smolar and Katrina Hobbs Everett.

9 thoughts on “Jordan Plans City Council Campaign; Others Take Nomination Papers

  1. Looks like the old guard is completely afraid of a sharp fresh face who actually wants to do something different and positive for this town. I don’t know Tim, but he has my family’s vote.

  2. Jordan is a phony that set up a fake education group to launch a candidacy to run for office and raise taxes. Those defending DUI should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not a mistake. Tell that to the innocent families who have lost loved one from those who drink and drive. Drinking and driving shows bad judgement and character, not a mistake. His friends saying otherwise is sickening to those of us that have lost family members due to this CRIME!!

  3. Haverhill Education Coalition is a special interest group with one goal….to significantly increase taxes and spending in the City of Haverhill.

    Over the past few months we’ve seen the Haverhill Education Coalition hold public meetings under the guise of an “educational forum” showing statistically biased power point presentations and so called liberal “economist experts” showing subjective numbers to make their case for higher taxes and more spending.

    DO NOT be fooled…it is all propaganda by Jordan to subjectively make the case why taxes should be raised. During these meetings he only takes questions from pre-selected individuals and manipulates the whole process from beginning to end.

    The last thing the city council needs is another phony tax and spend liberal.

  4. The only eyes on Tim Jordan are cops arresting him for DUI. Jordan is a joke, increase taxes is his message. Why would he want more cops? Another DUI? All public information.

    Timothy Jordan, 41, 167 Kingsbury Ave., Bradford, was arrested Saturday at 1:24 a.m. and charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol and marked lanes. Officer Adam Raymond made the arrest on Andover Street.

    • That’s an old story and I am guessing that you sir are perfect and have never ever made a mistake. People like you usually have more skeletons in their closet than the person they accuse and live in glass houses. Sounds like somebody is worried about Jordan’s candidacy huh ?

    • Gary,
      Get off your pedestal. Guy makes a mistake and in your mind he’s not qualified.
      Poor little Gary, little mind yet large mouth who slings personal and below the belt.