EMS Professionals Provide a Vital Service to Our Community

Craig Jesiolowski, president, Holy Family Hospital.

Craig Jesiolowski, president, Holy Family Hospital.

During a health emergency, we dial 911 and trust with our lives that trained emergency professionals will arrive promptly and assess, treat and manage a critical illness or injury until they can get us or our loved one to a hospital.

Since my arrival at Holy Family Hospital, I have had the privilege of riding with four Emergency Medical Services providers from our surrounding communities. They demonstrated a broad range of medical expertise, impressive decision-making skills in the midst of crisis, and respect and compassion for patients and their families.

May 21 to May 27, 2017 is National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week, which recognizes and celebrates the enormous contributions EMS professionals make to our community.

EMTs and paramedics are trained professionals who remember the medical emergencies to which they have responded. They never forget the child they saved from a near-drowning, the heart attack or stroke patient who got to the hospital for the right care, the severely injured victim of a motor vehicle accident, and sadly, the patients they just couldn’t save.

At Holy Family Hospital we are honored to partner with our experienced and compassionate EMS providers. We have deep respect for their medical expertise and passion for their work. They are our communities’ 24-hour medical-crisis safety net, and their mission is to deliver patients safely to our emergency departments for continued care.

Thank you to our EMS partners, for your medical expertise, decision-making skills, and respect and compassion for our patients and their families.