Groveland Police Charge Two Haverhill Teens with Car Breaks

Jean-Charles Laguerre, 18, of Haverhill, was arrested in connection with automobile breaks. (Courtesy photograph.)

Two Haverhill teenagers were arrested early Wednesday morning in Groveland in connection with automobile break-ins and theft there.

Eighteen-year-old Jean-Charles Laguerre and a 16-year-old minor were arrested after being found near parked cars with sunglasses, credit cards, gift cards and change. A third teen is being sought.

It began when Officer Chris Ertsos drove to Lanen Avenue to investigate an alarm coming from an unoccupied brown Ford Explorer around 3:15 a.m. and found the it was registered to a Haverhill address. At the same time, Officer Jacob Wallace saw two males hiding behind a trailer near the South Fire Station, according to Deputy Police Chief Jeffrey Gillen

The officers, with the help of Georgetown Police and West Newbury Police, began searching the area for the two males, and noticed several cars with their doors ajar. They returned to the Explorer when its alarm began sounding again and found Laguerre within. Meanwhile, one of the other teens seen earlier was located and arrested.

Laguerre was charged with larceny under $250 and being a minor in possession of a Class D drug and taken to Newburyport District Court. The 16-year-old was charged with driving an automobile without a license, use of a car without authority, larceny under $250, breaking and entering into an automobile in the night and being a minor in possession of a Class D drug. He was taken to Essex County Juvenile Court in Lawrence.

As the day wore on, police received about 15 reports from residents reporting car break-ins.

7 thoughts on “Groveland Police Charge Two Haverhill Teens with Car Breaks

  1. JC Laguerre? The star running back of last fall’s Haverhill High football team? Didn’t he have any colleges offering him anything? Maybe this was just a desperate attempt to drum up interest from big-name schools.

  2. Might be time to start exploring a military draft geared specifically towards these guys – they think they’re tough guys and untouchable right? Okay – lets drop them in the middle of Afghanistan or Syria and see how tough they really are.

      • I know what you mean Duncan, as I served as well. However, I’m betting on this kid and others like him getting the snot kicked out of him in basic and AIT – and maybe realizing they aren’t so tough after all – (because they’re not)

        By the way, thank you for all the great links and information you share on local, state, and federal government corruption – I appreciate it.

    • What you’re saying is so damn ignorant it’s disgusting. You have no idea who this kid is, what he goes through, yet you have it all figured out on how “these guys” are. Please stop. Don’t make these kinds of comments when you literally have no idea who this person actually is.

      • Jerry – calm down. Look – I went through many tragedies and difficult times in my youth as well – and I mean REAL tough times just like many others. Going through bad or difficult times gives you NO excuse to invade and disturb other peoples property – ever. For these boys it’s time to start growing up and for people as well as themselves to stop finding excuses for bad or criminal behavior.

        If they need some sort of “help” fine – then provide it for them, but it still remains wrong what they did, and to judge them as wrong is not ignorant – its factual.

        • Well said Mr Chairman. Just because you have challenges, does not mean you have the right to break the law. Excuses are like a$$8+*#s, everyone has one !