Two Haverhill Workers Up for Same Job in Lancaster

Haverhill Purchasing Director and Energy Manager Orlando Pacheco wants his old job back as administrator in the Town of Lancaster. David S. Van Dam, the mayor’s chief of staff, wants it too.

Both Pacheco and Van Dam are finalists for the position in Worcester County and are scheduled to be interviewed tonight by selectmen. A third candidate is Don Lowe of Bolton.

Pacheco held the Lancaster job until two of three selectmen voted not to renew his contract at the end of 2013. The two, Jean Syria and Susan Smiley, no longer serve the board after being recalled by voters in 2014. A Lancaster resident petitioned for the recall, in protest of Pacheco being ousted from his job.

Selectmen Stanley B. Starr Jr., Walter F. Sendrowski and Mark A. Grasso Jr. are scheduled to make a decision Thursday at noon, Kathleen Rocco, Lancaster executive assistant, told WHAV News.

5 thoughts on “Two Haverhill Workers Up for Same Job in Lancaster

  1. I’ve got a better idea, why doesn’t the town of Lancaster hire Big Jimmy.
    Going back to working for him, ask the city treasurer what happened? What about the fire chief?
    Don’t worry the DPW puppet (oops I meant director) isn’t going anywhere, heck he might get a new grader. Tell me again why we need a grader in a city with all paved roads?

  2. Mayor – tell the truth!
    Orlando is a part time employee in Haverhill while he consults for other cities and towns. Why don’t you as Mayor also tell us exactly what Sven Amarian was expected to receive as commission for his city jobs.

  3. My question becomes the obvious one…..why are these guys, two of the Mayors’ right hand men,leaving ? Why are they not wanting to work here and for the Mayor any longer ? Maybe there is another shoe to drop soon ? What do they know that we don’t ?

    • Ever talk with anyone who works in city hall that has to deal with Jimmy Taxes, Jack? It’s a nightmare for them!!
      In many city departments people work many years beyond the point where they can retire. That’s not the case for those people who have direct contact with the mayor. These people literally put in for retirement on the first day it is available to them.

      Just look what the mayor did recently to Bob Ward. The mayor made the decision not to make public a power outage at the water treatment plant and then threw Bob to the wolves to have to answer for that decision. The mayor did the same thing to Richard Osborne. When the mayor told Osborne to threatened a city homeowner with fines during the election because he had campaign signs in his yard for the candidate the mayor didn’t support it was Osborne who had to deal with the fallout. Naturally, these guys have to keep their mouths shut or the mayor will make it even worse for them than it already is.

  4. And why did the two Lancaster selectmen refuse to renew Pacheco’s contract?
    Google “Orlando Pacheco, Lancaster” and read the numerous articles from January 19, 2012.

    I hope like hell the city gets rid of Pacheco. He’s been a pawn for the mayor with the supposed energy saving programs they’ve initiated the past few years. They’ve lied extensively regarding the expected savings with every single program they’ve introduced.

    Remember the bold headlines for weeks from the mayor and Pacheco about citizens saving 30% on their electric bills because of an energy aggregation program they started? Is there anyone who actually saved 30% on their bill? Of course not, because the actual savings that homeowners got was only 4%…but that didn’t stop the mayor and Pacheco from lying about it.