Five Haverhill Firefighters Pass Lt. Exam; In Line for Promotions

Five Haverhill firefighters are in line for possible promotions to lieutenant.

Official Civil Service Commission scores will not be released for a few weeks, said Haverhill Fire Chief William F. Laliberty, but self-reporting of test scores by individual firefighters reveals passing grades for Justin Borden, Timothy Duff, Keith Grant, Tom Helps and Jeff King.

“The established list has not come out from Civil Service. Through the firefighters, themselves, five have passed the promotional test,” Laliberty said.

The Civil Service test was called after the resignation of Daniel Goudreault last August following two arrests—the first, last June 30, at his North Andover home for allegedly assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. The second took place July 25 on charges of assaulting a household member, threatening to kill a police officer and other charges.

Although the examination was called for one vacancy, Laliberty explained, the fire department expects additional retirements in the near future. Lt. Michael Sullivan will reach the mandatory retirement age of 65 by end of May and another reaches that milestone this fall.

In addition, Lalilberty said, any firefighter who has worked at least since 1985 may retire at any time. In fact, Firefighter Tyler Kimball told WHAV he expects to retire May 31.

After the Commission scores tests, local interviews typically take place with each applicant. The final decision is up to Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

4 thoughts on “Five Haverhill Firefighters Pass Lt. Exam; In Line for Promotions

  1. “…self-reporting…” ? Is this a joke?

    In 2010 Tim Duff and Keith Grant conspired with 28 of their coworkers to intentionally steal over $54,000.00 from Haverhill taxpayers by knowingly signing their names to documents that they had taken required State of Massachusetts EMT training that they never took. Not only did they lie and put lives in danger by not being current in their mandated training, they were compensated $1,800.00 each, thereby committing a felony.
    And now we’re suppose to believe “their word” that they passed the exam? How laughable is that?

    But this really won’t matter much to their boss, Haverhill Fire Chief William Laliberty, Why is that, you ask? Because Laliberty was one of the 30 EMT fire fighters who was in on the conspiracy to rip off city taxpayers and put lives in danger. Laliberty’s involvement is extraordinarily scummy because he was Deputy Chief of the department at the time. That means that not only did he falsify documents for himself, he knew that 29 men that worked under his command were stealing from the city and were lying about being current in the skills necessary to do their jobs…which put lives in danger. Laliberty’s punishment for stealing and putting lives in danger? The mayor gave him a promotion!

    How is it these crooks even have jobs still? It’s because of the total lack of leadership by the mayor who is more concerned about the quid pro quo relationship he has with the HFD union for votes. All 30 of these felons should have been fired immediately. Instead, the mayor did literally nothing.

    • Jack…before you criticize others on social media you should know that facts: Tim Duff and Keith Grant were ” accused of falsifying training records to obtain EMT certification ” Period. They agreed to admit they engaged in wrongful conduct and accepted punishment which was: unpaid suspension, working hours for free , and give up cash stipends for 2 years. Google the article and you may get educated.

      Posting the above FALSE information on public media may just result in a lawsuit for Libel. (you may want to Google that too while your at it) They may not care about your childish posts and may be use to your obnoxious behavior but you may want to consider the fact that they also have family that read this who are also affected and actual CARE about what you write.

      You may want to put your time to something useful. If you actually have a “Concern” about something, send it where it belongs, to the Mayors office or your State rep. don’t undervalue people on social media.