Gov. Baker, Mayor Fiorentini Joining Forces in Shoe Venture?

This photograph by Haverhill’s Transformative Development Initiative fellow Noah Koretz kicked off a live and humorous exchange on Facebook Friday.

Gov. Charlie Baker and Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini traded jokes Friday about going into the shoe business together.

The live social media discussion was prompted by a photograph taken by the city’s Transformative Development Initiative fellow Noah Koretz. The photograph showed the Fiorentini + Baker shoe store in Los Angeles.

“In the spirit of bipartisanship, Gov. Baker and I have decided to open a new business,” Fiorentini joked in a Facebook post using Koretz’ photograph. To the mayor’s surprise, Baker quickly responded. “This is really something. I had no idea the mayor and I were in the fashion business.”

Following the live chat, Fiorentini told WHAV he didn’t expect the governor’s response.

“It was good humor and good to see. Government needs more of that,” the mayor said. He added, “When you put aside your differences and look for common solutions, lighten up and laugh, amazing things are possible. I hope Washington is listening!”

The banter between the Republican governor and Democratic mayor wasn’t lost on resident Lou Carbone. He joined the chat, joking, “Fiorentini makes the left shoes, Baker, the right.” Baker responded, “Good one Lou!”

3 thoughts on “Gov. Baker, Mayor Fiorentini Joining Forces in Shoe Venture?

  1. More proof that It’s all a big joke to these liberal hacks (Charlie Baker is as big a RINO as you’ll ever see).

    I wonder if the business owners who invest their own money and work their a$$ off to make a living downtown think it’s funny? The mayor has thrown these hard working people under the bus by targeting them to initiate several new revenue sources and use “their” efforts and businesses to generate money for his failing administration. What damage has the mayor caused for downtown business owners? He’s instituted parking taxes and meals taxes; he invested in hiring new city employees and he bought a city vehicle for the sole purpose of driving around downtown to ticket as many cars as possible; he is so anti-business and desperate for cash he even attempted to take a downtown private property owner’s building by eminent domain for the sole purpose of selling it to a developer for a profit.

    The mayor has even targeted downtown businesses further by saying he wants to raise parking rates even though the whole program is a complete failure, as we learned recently with non-working parking meters. But the mayor doesn’t’s all a big joke to the mayor. Last year the mayor even went so far as to keep secret from the public a scheduled meeting he was holding about the rates so that a group of businesses that have formed an alliance to fight his efforts didn’t show up to make known their collective opposition to the parking taxes because of the damage they are doing to their businesses.

    But apparently, no one in Haverhill seems to care this incompetent, corrupt mayor is targeting them and their livelihoods. They keep electing him back in to office. It’s sad…very sad!