Cedardale Plans Temporary Andover Health Club

Cedardale owner Ed Veasey, right, tours the fire-damaged health and fitness center. (WHAV News File photograph.)

Cedardale owner Ed Veasey assesses the damage even as Haverhill firefighters were still dousing hot spots March 1. (WHAV News photograph.)

Cedardale Health and Fitness, which sustained up to $5 million in damage from a fire at the beginning of the month, is opening temporary quarters in Andover.

Group Ex, Fitness and Tennis will soon be offered at the former Boston Sports Club on Lowell Road in Andover. The company told members it signed the lease Thursday. Cedardale is also evaluating opening its outdoor facility for the summer. A summer membership plan would include swimming, tennis and all programs that accompany those activities.

The three-alarm fire that shuttered the 931 Boston Road building began in a women’s locker room, officials said. Several possible sources, including electrical wiring, small appliances or light fixtures, may be to blame, said Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey, Haverhill Fire Chief William Laliberty and Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro said a few days after the blaze.

In a statement, the company thanked members for their “patience and understanding as we work through our next steps. We look forward to seeing the Cedardale Family back together again soon.”

Cedardale has opened temporary offices at Cedarland, across the street. It’s open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Members with questions are advised to call 978-373-1596.


2 thoughts on “Cedardale Plans Temporary Andover Health Club

  1. With so many morally reprehensible people working in Haverhill government I’m not usually surprised by their behavior, but I literally couldn’t believe what I was reading in a recent Eagle Tribune article where Haverhill Fire Chief William Laliberty commented about Cedardale. In the article Laliberty was calling out and pointing a finger at Ed Veasey, saying that the HFD had requested Cedardale install fire sprinklers several years back for safety purposes. Because of the age of the building, and the extreme costs involved to install them, Cedardale was completely within code not to have sprinklers in their building.

    In 2010 as Deputy Chief of the Haverhill Fire Department William Laliberty knowingly and intentionally committed a felony while on the job by signing documents that he had taken an EMT refresher course which he never took. For this he was paid $2,000.00 by the City of Haverhill. Laliberty not only lied and committed a felony by falsifying documents on behalf of himself, as Deputy Chief he knew full well that 32 other HFD fire fighters also falsified the same documents thereby committing felonies. Laliberty knew full well that 32 of the men under his command were not current in State of Massachusetts mandated EMT training. Now he’s got the nerve to talk about safety when all those men weren’t current in the training required for their jobs? Laliberty not only was completely okay with 32 EMT workers potentially putting lives in danger by not being current in their training, he was fine with the conspiracy that they all committed by falsifying documents and stealing over $54,000.00 from city taxpayers in the process.
    This is as disgusting as it gets.

    But this is Haverhill under the supposed leadership of Fake mayor James Failurentini. So what did the mayor do to the person responsible for allowing 33 EMT employees to commit a felony, steal $54,000 from taxpayers and put lives in danger? He gave him a promotion!!