Haverhill DPW Workers Receive Praise for Containing Lake St. Fire

Two Department of Public Works employees are credited with containing a fire Monday behind a Lake Street home.

Steve Allen and John Paquette were working in the area when they noticed the fire, DPW Director Michael K. Stankovich told WHAV.

“It began around the base of a pool, spread to the deck and also in the nearby woods,” Stankovich told WHAV.

The workers largely contained the fire during the short time between discovery and the arrival of the Haverhill Fire Department, Stankovich said.

Fire Chief William F. Laliberty was at a hazardous materials training and couldn’t be reached for more information about the damage to the home or the cause.

2 thoughts on “Haverhill DPW Workers Receive Praise for Containing Lake St. Fire

  1. Why is this news?

    Fire Chief William Laliberty….what a story he is, huh?
    He knowingly and intentionally conspired with 29 other HFD employees to commit a FELONY by stealing over $54,000.00 from Haverhill taxpayers. He committed a crime that for most people would have gotten him arrested and fired with no hope at all of keeping his job. But Laliberty works for mayor Failurentini….he not only didn’t get fired, he was given a promotion!!!

    Another shining example of how corrupt and incompetent this mayor is!