State Kicks Off Mount Washington Tree Planting with Job Listing

Keith Boucher, of the neighborhood group Urban Kindness, during a recent Haverhill City Council meeting. (WHAV News photograph.)

The state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation is hiring a seasonal forestry assistant to shepherd a tree planting program in the city’s Mount Washington neighborhood.

The forestry assistant assists in the preparation of plans for replanting trees on public and private property, meets with homeowners to determine proper tree types and locations, answers property owners’ questions about replanting, helps supervise daily planting by state forest crews to ensure trees are planted according to the Bureau of Forestry standards, records locations of planted trees and checks on their conditions.

The tree planting, as WHAV first reported in January, is part of the state’s “Greening the Gateway Cities” program. Keith Boucher of the neighborhood group Urban Kindness discussed the program at the time.

“Over the course of three years, I believe it’s like 800 trees to be planted in the Mount Washington area,” he said.

The employee hired will work from Haverhill’s Department of Public Works on Primrose Street. The full-time job pays $1,563 biweekly. More information may be found at

5 thoughts on “State Kicks Off Mount Washington Tree Planting with Job Listing

  1. Anti-tree Jack?

    Captain Napalm accurately described Jack and Duncan. How is it that, these two ass-hats spend so much time at the computer and haven’t discovered pornhub?

    • If the state spending money in Haverhill to plant “trees” doesn’t prove how absolutely insane liberal democrats are in this state and city nothing will.

      The very issue of spending money on “trees” when people are dying in the streets of drugs, kid’s baseball leagues are being canceled because of gang violence and young women are being dragged into city parks by the illegals that call Haverhill home isn’t crazy enough. When you throw in the fact that mayor failurentini clear cut a forest by cutting trees down at Kenosa Lake so that he could generate $11,000.00 in revenue for his failing administration then it’s time for the straight jackets.

      • Jack, one of the definitions of insanity is doing and saying the same things over and over again. By that standard you’re first in line for a straitjacket fitting. Let us know how it goes. From what I can tell it appears that you’re posting online by poking at the keys with a pencil held between your teeth, I can’t imagine being confined in a straitjacket would affect your ability to repeat yourself (and it’s even possible that you’re already confined in one and sneaking into the nurses’ lounge to use their computer when nobody else is looking).

        Now, to the matter at hand: Nice to see that you think the money being spent on these trees would be enough to solve all of the society ills that you’ve listed. I look forward to your campaign for office this fall; I’m sure the strength and logic of your ideas will sweep you into office in a landslide.

        Realistically, however, the fact is that the tree (and keep in mind that these are real trees, not “trees”) program is a drop in the bucket, and that neighborhood improvement programs such as this one pay for themselves via the resulting increase in property values (and hence the resulting rise in property tax receipts without having to raise the tax rate). Rising property values = less crime in that area, and this sounds like something you’ll be supporting whole-heartedly when you run for office this fall. This concept is called “investment in the community”, is something that competent government engages in and is seen by normal people as a Good Thing.

        Now, if you’re against this sort of thing perhaps Haverhill isn’t the community where you should reside.

  2. Yet another example of liberalism in action….

    800 trees in the next three years?
    I wonder how many young people will overdose in that neighborhood during that time? I wonder how many homes will be broken into by criminal trespassers who are in this country illegally? How many kids will drop out of school from that neighborhood within the next three years? How many shootings will there be by gang members at baseball games in the next 36 months there?

    Everyone knows the situation in that neighborhood…
    There’s a societal failure going on there …. especially against drugs and the invaders who call that neighborhood home. And how do liberals use tax payer funds in that neighborhood…they plant more trees!
    This is so insane you literally can’t make this stuff up……

    • Jack, it’s pretty clear that you haven’t spent a lot of time in the Mt Washington area; if you DID you’d understand that not only are things improving (slowly, but still) but that sections of the Mt Washington area are seeing young people moving there from Cambridge, Somerville, etc. There’s new construction taking place and landlords are starting to chase the druggies away.

      The trees are a cheap way to improve the neighborhood, the amount of money being spent certainly won’t fix any of the issues you’ve mentioned…and I have a sneaky suspicion that if these trees were being planted in Riverside there would be radio silence from you.

      You really need to get outside more often, all that stuffy air in the basement must be starting to affect you. You should probably bring Duncan with you, that guy could definitely use some time away from his computer.

      Oh, and you need to dissuade yourself from the idea that anyone who speaks Spanish is an “illegal invader”. That’s wrongheaded, narrow-minded and asinine.